15 Precious Life Lessons From Movie ‘Gunda’ That Will Inspire You

See how the movie gunda remains the source of inspiration in different walks of life.

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Gunda has been, is and will be one of the greatest movies Bollywood has ever produced. Directed by Kanti Shah and featuring superstar Mithun Chakrabort

y, this movie has been the inspiration for millions of engineering students. Some even claim that Gunda was arguably the first thing that made the 90s kids and millennials proud of being Indian, a distant second and third are Modi and Dhoni. Let’s have a look at some of the precious life lesson this masterpiece has to offer.

1. Answer to the typical interview question “Tell me something about yourself” should be brief, interesting and preferably, a rhyme

All major characters in Gunda have an introductory dialogue that describe their nature, character, hobbies and ambitions in crisp and poetic manner.

2. Anti-plagiarism - always give reference to the original work

When Lambu Aata wants to give his opinion (although disgusting) on a chokri (girl), he responsibly quotes the dialeg (dialogue) from movie Loha with proper reference to Kanti Shah. This shows that he respects originality and is strictly against plagiarism.


3. How to check if a person is alive or dead?

When you want to check if a person is dead or alive, always poke in his face instead of taking their pulse.


4. Saving the ‘grave’ troubles

When you make enemies, make sure they volunteer to visit the graveyard and save you the trouble of carrying their bodies. When Shankar plans to take revenge on Ibu Hatela, he cleverly grabs him near a graveyard and kills him then and there. So efficient!


5. Smoking kills

Instead of showing Mukesh’s ad at the start of the movie, Kanti Shah successfully spread anti-smoking message in the movie by asking Shankar to kill Gulshan while he was smoking!


6. Life after death?

If someone dies, there is a finite possibility that they will answer a few questions after their death. For example,

“Munni meri munni, toh tu marr gayi?”
“Bol na chutiya. Tu mard bana na chutiya?”

7. Even if you are at the top of the food chain, a circus monkey can have a more significant role in life than you

Bulla’s tiger is abused by none other than Chutiya as ‘sada hua tiger’ while Shankar’s monkey Tinku shows his heroics many times. For example - finding that Ganga is killed, gets tied a rakhi and also catches a baby!


8. A lesson in netagiri

When you are a corrupt neta, at least spare some corruption money to get proper body guards, unlike this kafan chor neta in Gunda - 


9. Hiding in toilets for hide and seek is not the best idea


10. In life, appreciate the name your parents gave you

Be thankful to the name your parents gave you. It could have been worse, like Bulla calling his daughter ‘hasina ka pasina’.


11. Men will be men

Even if you sing a melodious song asking a guy to look into his eyes while talking to you, he will still focus on your breasts.


12. Don't let the job become you

In one of the most heart wrenching scenes from Indian celluloid history, Lambu Atta passes away (to history books!) in this scene, where even Rajesh Khanna's death scene from 'Anand' looks pale in comparison.


13. A lesson to entrepreneurs - customer always comes first

Remember the scene where Lucky Chikna scolds one of his girl for doing “liptam chipti chipkam lipti” with a guy instead of servicing her client? When she protests that “Woh buddha kuch karta nahi hein”, Lucky Chikna delivers this gem: “Dhande pe baithi hain to buddha kya, jawan kya, kya chotha kya bara, kya baitha kya khara.” Such customer/client first approach is what is needed in industry right now. It also shows leadership qualities of Lucky. Like a boss!


14. Bulla’s utopic vision on jail reforms

Gunda also presents a utopic vision on jail reforms when Bulla promises this to Kala Shetty,

“Jail me tere liye daru nakki, khane ke liye chicken-mutton nakki aur dekhne ke liye TV nakki. Aur to aur, mahine me ek baar ladki bhi nakki.”


15. Final lessons from the hero and the chief villain

Bulla: Failing to plan is planning to fail

This was the core principle and philosophy of Bulla. He sets date and time for any and everything. We must also follow on his footsteps and plan our future from personal and professional perspective.

Shankar: No mountain is too big to climb and nothing is too conspicuous to hide in a gunfight!


Did this movie inspire you to find your life’s purpose and be a better person? Then, share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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