14 Weird And Funny Things All Of Us Often Do Without Realizing

Embarrassing and weird things that you must have done at least once in your lifetime!

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“Man is a social animal” the saying goes. Don’t know about the social part, but animals we definitely are. Have you ever realized what all things you do that are actually weird but don’t seem like that to you? We have a list of hilarious, embarrassing and weird things that you must have done at least once in your lifetime!

1. When you love a song, you imagine yourself performing it in front of a huge crowd.


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 2. You have imaginary conversations with people: be it the people you love, like your partners or people you hate, like your worst teacher.

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3. You’re window-shopping but imagine the guard’s eyes on you and get scared.

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4. Make up arguments in your head, just in case you might need them, and win like a thousand times already.

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5. If you have recently seen a horror movie, you start checking the mirror, and do a double take .

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6. You feel your phone vibrating even if it isn’t.

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7. You are more depressed in the night as compared to the morning.

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8. You sometimes feel that someone is watching you even though there is no one.

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9. When you like any song, you will play it umpteen times before you’re finally bored of it.

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10. You think of past embarrassing moments like these and hope nobody saw them.

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11. You ignore a text and pretend to be busy in case you don’t want to talk with the person.

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12. You abandon all grammar rules when talking or texting with your BFFs.

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13. You fake some things while talking to strangers.

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14. You finish off junk food for an entire family when you are watching TV alome

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So you see, you're not the only weirdo around! Got any more? Share with us un the Comments below!

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