Did You Know About These 14 Really Awesome Tricks You Can Try On Google Search?

Do you get bored and think what to do even when you have Internet all day?We bring you some of the most amazing things to do with Google Search. So try out

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Do you get bored and think what to do even when you have Internet all day? Internet sometimes really gets boring when you have played all the games or you are not interested in reading any of the articles. We bring you some of the most amazing things to do with Google Search. So try out these cool tricks for yourself and see the fun results:

1. Type ‘Google in 1998’


Source: youtube

Just type ‘Google in 1998’ in the search bar and see it for yourself! This is how Google actually looked like, back in the year 1998!

2. Do a Barrel Roll


Source: merdeka

Are you bored with the same old boring Google home page? Just type “Do a Barrel Roll” and see how it works. The screen will rotate 360 degrees!

3. Type ‘Askew’


Source: blogspot

Typing ‘Askew’ in the search bar will make your Google look slightly different. This trick will tilt your screen a few degrees!

4. Atari Breakout


Source: youtube

Type ‘Atari Breakout’ in the Google search bar and go to Images. This will return the image results for the game for a moment, before turning into the game itself!

5. Zerg Rush


Source: blogspot

Drawing from the popular game StarCraft, tying ‘Zerg Rush’ turns your Google search page into a battleground between your search results and tiny ‘O’ shaped zergs which take over the entire page. Try this out immediately!

6. Type ‘Anagram’


Source: gofferzmedia

Anagrams are word rearrangements. Google fools around with us if you type ‘Anagram’. Just see the “Did You Mean” result and you will LOL for sure! Then search ‘Define Anagram’ prompts the response asking "Did you mean: nerd fame again." Well played, Google!

7. Blink html


Source: searchengineland

Just type the words ‘Blink html’ on the search bar. You will find that the words “Blink” and “html” blinking away themselves! (Pro Jobless Tip: Sync your own blinking with the frequency of these words for the silliest pastime ever.)

8. Festivus


Source: youtube

Type Festivus on search bar and Google adds a Festivus pole bar to tell you what it means. Festivus is celebrated each year on December 23rd. Popularised by the sitcom Seinfeld, the usual Christmas tradition of a tree is turned into an unadorned aluminium pole, which parodies normal holiday materialism.

9. Flip a coin


Source: shoppersbay

Are you a person who makes decisions with the flipping of a coin? Then let Google do the work for you! Just type ‘flip a coin’ in the search bar and see the result.

10. Roll a Die


Source: groovypost

Type ‘Roll a die’ and Google will roll a die for you. That simple.

11. Webdriver Torso


Source: askvg

Webdriver Torso is YouTube’s test channel which uploads videos consisting of varying patterns of blue and red rectangles. The Google logo changes similarly on typing these words in the search bar.

12. Google Pacman


Source: youtube

If you want to play Pacman instantly then Google has a solution for you. Just type 'Google Pacman' and you can play Pacman then and there itself!

13. I am feeling curious


Source: phandroid

Just type “I am feeling curious” and Google will provide hundreds of new facts to keep you entertained for hours.

14. Conway’s Game of life


Source: nationalpost

This is something interesting again, just type “Conway’s Game of Life” and see it yourself. Conway’s game of life brings animation of blocks on the right hand side of the screen; this life simulation was created by British mathematician John Conway in 1970. Technically, it's considered a "game" and is in fact, a zero-player game.

Know more fun tricks with Google? Let us know in the Comments below!

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