14 Gifts You Can Gift Your Mother With Your First Salary

Be it out of a long practiced tradition, or be it out of immense love and affection, we tend to keep a share of our first salary apart for our Mommies.

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Be it out of a long practiced tradition, or be it out of immense love and affection, we tend to keep a share of our first salary apart for our Mommies. So for all those guys and girls who have recently been placed to a firm they’re still trying to adjust to, we at Reacho have enlisted these gifts you can gift your Moms from your first salary to save you from all the trouble:

1. Take her out for dinner

http://www.personalitytutor.com/files/2012/04/Dinner-Table-Setting.jpgSource: Personalitytutor

Give her a fine dining experience or take her to her favorite restaurant and order her cherished dishes. But this time, pay off from your own pockets!  

2. Get her a saree of her favorite color

http://www.tbo.com/storyimage/TB/20140419/ARTICLE/140419134/EP/1/1/EP-140419134.jpgSource: Tbo

Gift her a stunning and gorgeous saree of her favorite color and leave her spellbound! Whenever she wears that saree to any occasion, she will always keep you in her memory even if you were miles apart.

3. Get her Jewelry

http://www.krombholzjewelers.com/media/designmainpage.jpgSource: Krombholzjewelers

What does a woman want the most? Jewelry! Take advices from your sibling and gift her accessories and jewelry. And whenever she would adorn herself with these, she would carry you with herself in her smiles.   

4. Get her a foot massager

http://www.myforeverfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/foot-massager.jpgSource: Myforeverfit

What would be a better gift than this? Take all her stress and worries away by gifting her a foot massager.

5. Get her roti-maker and dough-maker

Source: Amazon

A roti-maker and dough-maker would be perfect gifts for a house maker. And even if she’s a working woman, she would someday need to dough the flour and make rotis. This is the best assistance you can provide her with!

6. Get her a dish-washer

http://toprateddishwashers.biz/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/best-of-2014-dishwashers.jpgSource: Toprateddishwashers

A dish washer would keep her hands from the getting weary and would make her job easy!

7. Get her a subscription of unlimited music for a year

https://h2savecom.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/screen-shot-2016-02-12-at-6-06-24-am.png?w=691&h=329Source: Hip2save

Even if she’s a fan of Kishor Kumar or if she loves Arijit Singh, get her a subscription of unlimited songs throughout the year so that she can listen to music anytime and lighten up her mood.

8. Get her a relaxing chair

http://vurni.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Dice-Chair.jpgSource: vurni

Get her a way-too-comfortable relaxing chair. A chair so restful that whenever she would sit on it after engaging herself with a lot of work, it would drive away all the fatigue and anxiety.

9. Take her to her favorite store and ask her to buy whatever she likes

http://www.e-architect.co.uk/images/jpgs/poland/moliera_2_boutique_warsaw_rmd160409_3.jpgSource: E-architect

Take her to her favorite boutique or her all-time preferred store and get her whatever she likes with no questions asked!

10. Get her an android phone

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/8Z6dYDEJ19v_fG097aPHzE-V062aiFZm4vEXAAXFtISmN6jM7rnlTkfrVFdZrMZ18lg7hXsanTyW46CAz-4DDd7uOqMIe2Lp53LcACtXwy2g1w=s0-dSource: Geekupwithyourdevices

Get her a phone with a front camera and install Skype so that she can only be a few seconds away from you apart no matter how far away you are.

11. Gift her a photo frame

http://harrisoncameras.s3.amazonaws.com/p/l/WD-247-64.jpgSource: Harrisoncameras

Be it a big frame just containing one of the prettiest of her pictures, or be it a frame containing the whole family, she will love it.

12. Get her something that she has always wanted

http://kid101.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/mom-and-son.jpgSource: Kid101

If you have been very attentive to her life, you would know what she has been wanting to have for a long time and she couldn’t get it all this while. Surprise her by getting the exact things that she needs and her love for you would just intensify in an ocean of endless affection.  

13. Get her life insured

http://frugalinsurancequotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/nebraskalifeb.jpgSource: Frugalinsurancequotes

To be insured about your family’s lives and to make sure that you’ve a well-planned future is the best thing you can give to your family.

14. Hand over your first pay to her

https://www.care.com/img/cms/web/content/articlephotos/2011/11-nov/img-article-holiday-tipping.jpgSource: Care

The much followed tradition is the perfect gift you can give to your Mother. Hand over your first salary and that would be the unsurpassed present you can ever present her.

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