13 Of The Most Crazy And Dangerous Selfies Taken This Year

This is just so bizarre!

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Hold your mobile phone at a high angle, position your thumb over the button, turn you best side, give a bright smile and take a selfie! This is how "normal" people take selfies.

But people who are crazily addicted to selfies and we don't need to tell you much about it! Scroll down to see it for yourself.

Although some of the pictures are photoshopped but their results are incredible and filled with madness!

This is just so bizarre!

1. We have same teeth

Source: twimg

2. ‘Bear’fie

Source: dailymail

3. The suicide selfie

Source: unilad

4. On top of the world

Source: amarujala

5. Oh Christ! Save him

Source: dailymail

6. Hope it has autopilot

Source: lolsmoon

7. Diving selfie

Source: buzzify

8. Cause who cares about disasters, selfie is a priority

Source: hashtagwowviral

9. When you are high AF And you think that you are a ninja

Source: bilupi

10. Wait before you hit me

Source: geek

11. Cause romancing on the ground is too mainstream

Source: facebook

12. Catch me if you can

Source: mashable

13. It’s hard to decide whether they have no fear or no brain!

Image source: pinterest

Although some of the pictures appear photoshopped, the result is nevertheless incredible and filled with madness!

Title image: dailymail

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