12 Photos That Will Prove Why Indians Are The Most Jugaadu People Ever

Never question the intelligence of Indian people.These images showcase innovative engineering attitude of Indian guys which may be called Great Indian jugaad.

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Indians can do anything and everything when it comes to safety issues or everyday problems! Now who will go looking for a specialist for every broken tap or malfunctioning CPU, right? Hence, Jugaad. There is nothing wrong in employing these techniques, instead we prove our genius by inventing these small life hacks and we’re proud of it! So if you are living in a hostel and wondering how to warm your milk, or you are a person who has only one cooler and two rooms, we will provide you with the solutions!  

1. Locking “Chappal”, now he can go to the temple without worries!

cyclelockSource: dailymoss

2. When you don’t have LPG, Iron-man will save you!

13_1426141474Source: storiesofworld

3. Literally, the best a man can get!

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7YC3CVsAtf4/UnfsqK6WGII/AAAAAAABX6I/KMtLFXSkEDU/s1600/noname+%2835%29.jpgSource: storiesofworld

4. When JBL launched Use-and-Throw Speakers!

http://pgw.udn.com.tw/gw/photo.php?u=http://uc.udn.com.tw/photo/2015/09/16/1/1316400.jpg&x=0&y=0&sw=0&sh=0&sl=W&fw=1050Source: storiesofworld

5. Swag is when you bath with Dew

http://www.womantoc.gr/content/articles/0/article_2280/inline/in__2280_56eab0560cd37.jpgSource: storiesofworld

6. To cool a CPU, we are preventing Global warming!

Image result for cooling cpu with fanSource: reddit

7. Because cutting Onions is actually a “Dangerous task”

Image result for cutting onions wearing helmetsSource: plus

8. When you are tooooo Lazy…

https://s3.scoopwhoop.com/aka/jugaad/14.jpgSource: sw

9. Using a lock in the best way ever!

https://s3.scoopwhoop.com/aka/jugaad/24.jpgSource: sw

10. CPU is never a waste since it can hold so many things inside!

https://s3.scoopwhoop.com/aka/jugaad/48.jpgSource: sw

11. When there is a candy and it can be divided!

Source: pinterest

12. Frothy Cappuccino anyone?

JugaadSource: fireflydaily

Title image: storiesofworld

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