Does Your Shadow Really Follow You? See These 12 Amazing Pictures And We Bet You’ll Think Again!

Outstanding creativity!

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We all are familiar with the saying, “Your shadow will never leave you” but have you ever wondered what if these shadows are not at all yours? Yes you read it right; a creative team has come up with some amazing mind boggling pictures where you will definitely enjoy the making of these shadows. The team creates shadow art with almost anything and everything and the result astonishes the viewers. The conceptions are actually mind bending and the results are phenomenal so let’s see what all it has!

1. Find the reel cows

Source: goodywebs

2. Canned City

Source: keptelenseg

3. The Hidden Beauty

Source: goodywebs

4. Practical and Perfect

Source: goodywebs

5. Everything With Words

Source: truongxuabancu

6. Total Fun

Source: goodywebs

7. You and Me

Source: goodywebs

8. MJ!

Source: blogspot

9. Love

Source: blogspot

10. Water and Land

Source: blogspot

11. Complete

Source: blogspot

12. Pillars

Source: blogspot

Title image: blogspot

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