Everything’s Not Lost: These 12 Coldplay Lyrics Will Fit With Your Every Mood And Misery

A Healing Touch Through The Songs

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Coldplay, an international bestseller artist, is not only known for its famous hits like Paradise and Fix You, but is also known for how each of its song’s lyrics can relate to you in ways you’d never think possible. The soulfully and artistically penned lyrics will not only be there for you when you have no one (yes, it’ll fix you, *wink*) but also be there for you when you are Up and Up and Up! *double wink*

So without much ado, let’s take a look at these lyrics which will relate to you in every mood and misery of yours:

1. When you are low

2. When you’ve lost it all

3. When you long for a companion

4. When your past was better than your present

5. When you are too scared to go on

6. When you are broken

7. When you lack motivation

8. When your dreams are better than reality

9. When all the troubles of the world trouble you

10. When you don’t get the perfect life you dreamt of

11. When you are enthralled with magical spell called love

12. When you’re madly in love

13. When you feel alive for adventure

14. When you need inspiration

15. When you need advice

16. When you’ve a weekend ahead to hymn for

17. When you want to believe in love and want to go up, up, up and up!

18. When you want someone to tell you you’re worth it

19. When you have lost your way


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