11 Historical Coincidences Almost Impossible To Believe

Check weird coincidences of History that are handpicked for its uniqueness.

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Coincidences are incredibly intriguing. Something happening with someone happens with somebody else at the same time with no possible connection. There have been numerous such coincidents throughout history and we have handpicked some of them for your reading pleasure below:

1. History repeats itself

Source: Historiek

Napoleon and Hitler were born 129 years apart (debatable) and came into power 129 years apart. They also both declared war on Russia 129 years apart from one another.

2. He wasn't kidding

Source: Bashny

On June 20, 1940, Soviet archaeologists uncovered the tomb of Tamerlane, a descendent of Genghis Khan. A warning inscription read "Whoever opens my tomb will unleash an invader more terrible than I." They opened it anyway. Germany invaded the Soviet Union two days later.

3. Twins Separated at Birth Who Had Incredibly Similar Lives

Source: Firsttoknow

Man, twins are weird! Separated at birth, a set of twins from Ohio each grew up knowing nothing of the other's existence. They were both named James on their adoptions (which might be a weirder coincidence of their respective families), both grew up to be police officers and marry women named Linda. They each had a son, one named James Alan and one named James Allan. They also each had a dog named Toy. They both got divorced, but later each remarried women named Betty.

4. The Hoover Dam's first and last victims

Source: Rarehistoricalphotos

The first worker to die during the dam's construction was J.G. Tierny on December 20, 1922. The last person to die there was J.G. Tierny's son, who died on December 20, 1935.

5. We assume they tip either time

Source: Mosthappy

In 1975, a man was killed when he was struck by a taxi in Bermuda. An unlucky passenger in that taxi had to witness it. A year later, the same taxi driver was driving the same passenger when the taxi struck and killed the original victim's brother.

6. A giant mess of disguised ships

Source: Greatships

During WWI, the British army turned a passenger ship, the RMS Carmania, into a battleship disguised as another passenger ship, the German SMS Trafalgar. Confused yet? It gets better. The disguised ship sank a German ship off Brazil in 1914. That ship was the real Trafalgar, which the Germans had disguised to look like the British Carmania.

7. Mark Twain's comet-framed life

Source: Todayifoundout

Halley's Comet passes Earth about once every 76 years, making it actually not that unlikely that someone's life could be measured by it. One such person is Mark Twain, who was born during its 1835 pass, and died the day of its appearance in 1910. He even predicted it in 1909.

8. The patient bullet

Source: Unexplained-events

When his sister committed suicide after a failed relationship, one man vowed revenge against Henry Ziegland, the man who'd broken her heart. He shot at Ziegland but missed, and the bullet lodged in a nearby tree. Years later, Henry was clearing that very land and used dynamite to remove the tree. The bullet was dislodged with considerable force, struck Ziegland, and killed him.

9. The twin deaths

Source: Thechive

In 2002, a man in Finland was struck and killed while trying to cross Highway 8 on his bike. Two hours later, his twin brother attempted the same crossing, and was also struck and killed, so they were killed about one-and-a-half kilometres from one another, two hours apart.

10. More twin mortality

Source: Thechive

On May 22, 1975, twins John and Arthur Mowforth both suffered from heart attacks. Living 120 km apart, they were admitted to separate hospitals and were not aware of the other's condition. They each died shortly after.

11. Not quite twins, but twin deaths

Source: Phactual

King Umberto I of Italy had a weird dining experience when he found that he and the owner of a restaurant at which he was eating were born on the same day in the same town and had both married a woman named Margherita. On July 29, 1900, the king learned that the restaurant owner had been shot and killed in the street. Later that day, the king was also assassinated.

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