11 Famous Actors Who Made A Guest Appearance In F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Though the hit Sitcom finished years ago, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is still as popular as ever. And to remind you of the many cameos and roles played by some really famous

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Though the hit Sitcom finished years ago, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is still as popular as ever. And to remind you of the many cameos and roles played by some really famous actors, we enlisted these memories for you. Relive these moments as you read:

1. Brad Pitt

Source: potterwars

“The one with the rumor” S08 E09

The episode continues the series’ annual thanksgiving themed tradition with a guest-star Brad Pitt as ‘Will Colbert’ who was a part of ‘I hate Rachel Club’ with Ross Geller in the series.

2. Bruce Willis

Source: Metro

“The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad” S06 E21

This is an episode where Bruce Willis plays Elizabeth’s father “Paul Stevens” who develops an instant dislike for Ross.

3. Julia Roberts

Source: cosmopolitan

“The one after the super bowl” S02 E13

The double length episode on Super Bowl has the main plot where Ross searches for his monkey Marcel. Chandler meets an attractive make-up artist Susie who turns out to be his school-mate from elementary school. The character of Susie is played by Julia Roberts.

4. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal

Source: buzzfeed

“The one with the Ultimate Fighting Champion” S03 E24

The episode is where Monica is about to tell her friends about her relationship with Pete when she is interrupted by two men. “Tomas” played by Robin Williams and “Tim” played by Billy Crystal who ask all of them to make some room on the sofa because all the other seats in the café has been occupied.

5. Hugh Laurie

Source: wifflegif

“The one with Ross’s wedding: Part two” S04 E24
In the two part finale, Rachel realizes that she is still in love with Ross, her ex-boyfriend and boarded a last-minute plate to London to interrupt his wedding. High on beverages, she tells her romantic saga to all the passengers until one passenger played by Hugh Laurie takes an exception.

6. Danny Devito

Source: Giphy

“The one where the stripper cries” S10 E11
This episode deals with Phoebe’s Bachelorette where Phoebe expected a stripper but Monica and Rachel didn’t arrange for one. So when they find a stripper, he turns out to be 50 year old.

7. Isabella Rosellini

Source: mamaisproud

“The one with Frank Jr” S03 E05
In this episode, Phoebe has trouble bonding with her half-brother Frank, whom she had discovered before. Isabella Roselini guests stars as herself when she walks into Central Perk for coffee.

8. Crissie Hydne

Source: Mamaisproud

“The one with the baby on the bus” S02 E06
In this episode, a musician, The Pretender’s Singer starred as Phoebe’s competitor in Central Perk as “Stephanie”. She performed Angel Of The Morning and when Phoebe tried to teach her Smelly Cat, she couldn’t get hang of it.

9. Charlie Sheen

Source: Zingtv

“The one with the Chicken Pox” S02 E23
Charlie Sheen plays Phoebe’s three-day lover as ‘Submarine guy’ Ryan, a guy in the navy that she used to go out with. When Phoebe gets chicken pox from Ben, Ryan also gets the disease for as he doesn’t want the disease to get in between between their relationship. And the itching drives them both crazy!

10. Gary Oldman

Source: Lewatmana

“The one with Monica and Chandler’s wedding: Part two” S04 E24
Joey gets selected for a part in the movie about soldiers in World War I starring with a famous co-star “Richard Crosby” who is played by Gary Oldman. While Joey rushes on to the set for the scenes to get to the wedding on time, Richard keeps spitting on his face and gets high and makes it difficult for him to be on time.

11. Jean Claude Van Damme

Source: Donedirtcheapdvd

“The one after the Super Bowl” S02 E12/13
While Ross was up and about searching for his monkey Marcel, he discovered that his monkey has been working on a film set in New York. Meanwhile, Monica and Rachel meet the movie’s star Jean Claude Van Damme and compete for his attention.

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