11 Beautiful Things That You Would Relate To Only If You Have An Indian Mother

Mothers are inexplicitly caring and loving and so much more than words can ever precise.so we have enlisted things to relate if you have an Indian mother:

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Mothers are inexplicitly caring and loving and so much more than words can ever precise. They make sure that you eat enough and poop right. They take care of you in every possible way a human can. But there is something different about Indian mothers, so we have enlisted these things that you would relate to if you have an Indian mother:

1. She will make sure you are never hungry

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Food is her priority. She is probably the best cook ever. After cooking, she will make sure you eat well. She will feed you from her own hands if you don’t eat enough. And if you just had a fight with her, she will still make sure that you eat plenty.

2. She hates messy rooms

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Messy rooms are fine, you find everything easily! But it’s a big no-no for her, she hates them. She will make you clean your room and put every dress inside your wardrobe. And yes, all the dresses need to be folded and to be kept without crease lines. And the worst part is, all your shoes and sneakers need to be on the rack and you can’t just throw them away with your socks!

3. She knows where everything is

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By everything, I mean everything. Lost a sock? She will tell you where it is. And when you won’t be able to find it, she will come over to your room and look in the exact same spot and *whooff* she will find it! How is she able to do that? Scientists are still researching.

4. She will know it when you fake it

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She has these magical powers to know when you are lying and when you are not. Mood is not good and you are faking smiles? She will know. And ain’t nobody can lie to her.

5. She will worry way too much

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She will ask all the details from where you are going to whom you are going with. Even if you are out for a couple of hours, she will call you thinking that you are taking forever. And she will call you many times. While you won’t answer her calls, she will probably think you are dead, so she will call you again. That’s just how cute Indian moms are.

6. She knows everything better

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She knows what to do and precisely, when to do. She will know when you are hungry and when you need to talk to her or when you need to be alone. She is like an antaryami.

7. She will always have a dhasu answer

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Be it any row from saas-bahu series to your college degree, she will always win it with such answers and such exclamations that you can never compete.

‘cause that’s how she rolls.

8. Even if you try fighting, you can never win an argument with her

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If you try to defend yourself with simple, logical answers, she will always have this to say, “Ma se aise baat karega?” Or “Bado ko muhh pe jawab dete hai aajkal ke bachchhe”

So I say just go into your room, lock the door, go under your blanket and instead of hating your existence or hers, shake it off like Taylor Swift.

9. Her never ending love for your siblings or your cousins

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“Mera raja beta” and such phrases for your sibling or some distant cousin of yours (Whom you didn’t even know existed), makes you want to ask god what wrong did you do. But trust me with this, she secretly loves you the most.

10. “Don’t make me come there”

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This is the most dreadful of the statements you would ever hear from your mother. Whenever she says this, quickly wipe off the crap you have been up to and act like you are the most sincere and decent child of the millennium.

11.   “I’ve packed a lot of snacks for you”

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Whenever you are travelling without her, it is going to be mandatory for her to pack everything and everything that comes under food. And you’re so lucky that she showers her love with all the laddoos and parathas.

Share it with your mother and tell her how much you love her!

Got something more to this list? Let us know below!

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