11 Android Smart Phone Hacks That Can Simplify Your Life

Life hacks are cheat codes which improve your efficiency and productivity in everyday life. There is an insane number of hacks that your smartphone can be used

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Life hacks are cheat codes which improve your efficiency and productivity in everyday life. Our phones have gone from being just calling devices to ‘smart’ companions. There is an insane number of hacks that your smartphone can be used for. Read on to simplify your life:

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1. Battery Hack

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Airplane mode doesn’t come into picture only when you are actually on an airplane. You can either turn off your phone or put it on the airplane mode when you need to charge it in small time period. This tip can also be used on adventure trips where you need your phone only to click pictures. Turning the airplane mode will help your phone last longer.

2. Google everywhere

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Follow These steps - 

> Open Google Search
> Head to settings
> Open Voice
> Tap on Ok google detection
> Enable from any screen
> Train your voice

And there you have at it, the magic words at your disposal. Everywhere Google! Just say those words. It works only on Android phones.

3. For non-stop texters

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For avid texters who just can’t look up from their phones, the ‘Type While Walk’ app is of great help. It will not only improve your awareness but it will also let you see through any screen, preventing your from stomping onto something nasty or even tripping yourself!

4. Locating and erasing

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Lost your phone? Want to locate it or erase its data? It is simple, but for it to work, you need to have your location turned on.

> Login to your email id of Google Play
> Head over to play.google.com
> Click on the Settings button
> You will find an option that says ’Android Manager’

It will lead you to the above picture with three options. You can either Lock, Ring or Erase data from your phone. An easy trick to locate and safeguard important personal files.

5. Disabling Annoying notifications

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Too many applications or games in your device and you don't want to uninstall them. You only wish to stop receiving annoying notifications. It can be done but it only works for phones with android versions, 4.1 and above. All you have to do is - 

> Open the settings tab
> Find App or 'App Notifications'
> From the list of apps, you can either select or deselect the button 'Turn off notifications' turning it off will allow you to block the app from spamming you with notifications.

6. Offline Google Maps

Source: Speedtest

It’s a really useful feature of Google Maps that every adventurer should utilize to the fullest.

Google Maps allows you to take a map of any particular location that you want offline. It can be done by these simple steps.

> Open Google Maps
> Tap on the search bar
> Scroll all the way to the bottom
> There you will find an option that reads ‘Make this map available Offline’

Even pinpointed locations can be taken offline by this feature. Losing your orientation is practically impossible now.

7. SOS message

Source: phonearena

You can have an SOS message displayed on your home screen at all times. The default message would read “If lost call 11111”. You can put any number along with a message in it, enabling this message can be done, just by following these simple steps - 

> Click on Settings
> Then on Security
> Then on Owner Info

Now you can see the default message, which you can change to anything that you want to be displayed on the home screen.

In some phones, owner's info might not be present. In such cases, you can look up option with the header 'Lock Screen Message' in the settings menu. It will allow you do to the same.

8. Using data usage graph

Source: androidauthority

You can monitor your data usage with this one simple feature. Go to Data Usage and there you will find this graph. You can either manually select the amount of data you want to use in a week or so. Two bars can be independently moved around to a designated date, It will now monitor your data and send notifications on the basis of your selections.  No more wasting data unknowingly!

9. Tweaking game graphics

Source: pcworld

Android gamers will love this hack. You can change the graphics of the game from Developer Options, making them work smoothly and rendered at an accelerated speed. Accessing and using the Developer Options is really simple.

> Go to Settings
> Click on About Phone
> Scroll all the way down to find Build Number
> Tap 3 to 7 times on the Build Number
> This will give you access to Developer Options
> In the Developer Options find Accelerated Graphics Rendering
> Tap on Force 4

This will render the graphics faster, though at the cost of insanely fast battery drainage.

10. Chrome Remote  Desktop

 Source: googleplaystore

This app can come in very handy, Suppose an emergency situation or office work and you are in need to access your computer but you are outside. How will you do that? Simple, just download this fantastic app ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ and you can access your computer from anywhere. A mere 4 MB app that can make you more flexible.

11. Backgrounds HD

    Source: googleplaystore

With Background HD, you would no more need to crop or adjust your HD images.  This app will give you an option which will allow you to use the whole image as your background picture.

How many of these proved helpful? Know more neat hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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