A Guy Spent 10 Years Mastering Microsoft Paint Because He Sucked At Photoshop

In order to get illustrations for his ebook, Pat Hines drew these beautiful pictures on Microsoft Paint.

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The world is filled with crazy people. There are some who keep learning something every day and there are some who are very resistant to learning anything new. A guy named Pat Hines, who, curiously enough, belonged to the latter category, was so disinterested in learning photoshop and other designing software that he just ended up painting his illustrations using Microsoft paint. Though it has to be mentioned here that he did a marvelous job at that. One of his illustrations was used for his new ebook - Camp Redblood And The Essential Revenge.

On this Pat Hines said,

I suck at Photoshop and other programs, and have worked exclusively in Microsoft Paint for over ten years… I honed my craft working long overnights at a hospital reception desk…

We were awestruck when we looked at the pictures:

Information source: theultralinx

All images: boredpanda

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