10 Unbeatable Friendships That Give You Friendship Goals!

A big chunk of our friendship time is spent on watching movies and sorting series together! This Friendship Day we give you the best friendships.

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A big chunk of our friendship time is spent on watching movies and sorting series together! And while we are at that, a little thought bubble is created over our heads- whether we are like our favourite characters or not! So this Friendship Day we give you the best friendships in the history of entertainment-

1. Harry-Ron-Hermione (Harry Potter)

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Accept that you have always wanted to be like this magical trio, wanting to sway wands and hurl spells while having each other’s back all the time during your years of growing up.

2. Ted-Marshall-Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

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You make your best friends in college! These three are the perfect gang you would want, to hang out with, every evening throughout life!

3. Meredith Grey and Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)

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“if I kill somebody, you are the one I will call to help me drag the corpse. You are my person!” do you ever wonder who your person is?

4. Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

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Brothers make the best of friends! When you have your buddy behind no matter what you are up against (vampires, ghosts or evil spirits), your bestie will make sure of your safety and you will win at everything!

5. Monica Geller and Rachel Green (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Source: usnews

My roomie be the best! Monica and Rachel may fight a lot but that is the exact kind of roomie I would want- one who takes care of me all the time, and is a partner in crime in all my adventures!

6. Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly (Game of Thrones)

Source: wikia

These two bring a little light and some precious moments of friendship to a gory tale of blood and war, where true companionship is very difficult to find! Have faith till they come back together the next season.

7. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross (Suits)

Source: usanetwork

This new age corporate friendship is a story of sacrifice and true honesty towards your friends where either is ready to take the fall to save the other’s ass!

8. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (Sherlock)

Source: sherlockshome

Their telepathic connection is something to envy, and in spite of being poles apart as people, the detective and the doctor have been the best of friends for centuries now!

9. Carrie-Samantha-Charlotte-Miranda (Sex And The City)

Source: thesequinnotebook

“Maybe your girlfriends are your soulmates and boys are just to have fun with.” They glorify womanhood and teach us to stick together through thick and thin despite people and situations.

10. Chandler and Joey (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Source: telegraph

My favourite! Your favourite! Nothing beats the camaraderie between these two. And while we are discussing goals this duo is the most difficult to impersonate! Somewhat unconditional love!

Honourable mention: Jai and Veeru (Sholay)

Source: topwop

We might have taken to western culture courtesy CW and Netflix but dosti is still desi, and when you hear this word the first image is that of “yeh dosti hum nahi todenge” and who else other than Jai and Veeru to idolize!

Agree? Let us know your friendship goals in the comments below!

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