10 Times TVF’s Qtiyapa Made The Most Normal Things Most Funny!

Arnab Goswami, R D Sharma, Raghu... Nobody was spared!

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TVF revolutionized the WEB scenario in India and while it’s most known for Pitchers and Permanent Roommates, they are much more than just BEER and also release amazing videos from time to time. And Qtiyapa couldn’t be cuter! Watch some of their best works here today!

1. TVF's Aitihasik Qtiyapa

Now Shahjahan will turn in his grave when he sees this! Or has he already?

2. TVF's Censor Qtiyapa

Ab Mahesh Bhatt will say SAHI BAAT HAI!

3. TVF's Bollywood Cliché Qtiyapa

Ayushmann nailed it with this one! And well what would we not give to have our Bollywood clichés back!

4. TVF's Arnub Vs Free Speech: News-hour Qtiyapa

NO COMMENTS on this one. *wink wink*

5. TVF's Suron Ke Sasur: JUDGEmental Qtiyapa

Somebody show this to Anu Malik please! Oh, he needs to stop!

6. TVF's Rowdies 9 - Sab Q-tiyapa hai!

Wonder how many Mothers were cussed after Raghu saw this? Or was he as pleasant as he was at his AIB roast?

7. TVF's Emotional Atya-Charge: Recharge Qtiyapa

Daily doldrums of every boyfriend, BABY thoda Recharge dalva do!

8. TVF's Har friend zaroori NAHI hota: Mobile Q-tiyapa

Watch this with all your buddies on FRIENDSHIP DAY. ROFL!

9. TVF's A Day with RD Sharma - Maths Book Qtiyapa

Those fat Ganpat Rai publications RD Sharma still haunt engineers even after years of graduation.

10. TVF's 100 crore ka Qtiyapa

Anurag Kashyap being such a sport, this one was pretty cool.

While there are many more Qtiyapa videos, we brought you our favourites. Check out Youtube for more!

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