10 Times Teddy Westside From How I Met Your Mother Tells You How To Fall In Love

Ted Mosby, who refers to himself as ‘Teddy Westside’, is the protagonist of the US television show How I Met Your Mother.See how Teddy tells us to fall in love.

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Ted Mosby, who refers to himself as ‘Teddy Westside’, is the protagonist of the US television show How I Met Your Mother. Having been through many unsuccessful relationships throughout his life, including being left at the altar, Teddy Westside only grew wiser. In the middle of failing and still not giving up his faith on his ‘the one’, he left us with these hard-learnt-lessons and stupendous advice that no one else will teach you but your own failures and shortcomings. So to save yourself some time- read with us how Teddy Westside tells you how to fall in love:


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If you were to weigh all the emotions against love, love would overshadow them all. You can envy people, disrespect them, let them down or even hate them; but there would be nothing like it when you love them. Because as he says wisely, ‘love is the best thing we do’.


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Love doesn’t always make sense. You might go out of your ways for someone you love and you wouldn’t even know why. Love has no boundaries walling it for you. Instead, it sets you free. And it doesn’t have to make sense to fall in love, you just have to love with all you have and all that you don’t.


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Falling in love is like a promise you make, you can’t break out of the spell just because of trivial situations like unrequited love or people batting eyes at you . It is a matter of all or nothing: if you give your all (even if you get nothing back), you just never stop.  


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Caring is to loving; just like cradling is to babies. Love is a selfless emotion. It is us, humans who counter it with expectations and diminish its worth. And if you love someone, you have to let them go if that makes them happy, even if it leaves you heartbroken.


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We all have flaws and we aren’t impeccable. Two people hold on to each other as long as they are compatible with each other’s flaws and as long as they relish the acknowledged imperfections. And that’s how holding on to them is easier than letting them go.


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Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is one difficult job. Giving up on love is never a choice because love is never defeated, it is never forsaken. And sometimes when you love someone, you’ve to take a step back to give them what they want. Even if it is to mean that you lose something you’ve always had.


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Failures aren’t setbacks. They are the bridge between you and your destination. It’s okay to fall apart, to lose all the battles and to get defeated; because there’s always something better at the end of that bridge waiting for you.


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You may have found your soulmate. But holding on to each other may be the most difficult task that may seem to you at the moment, but if you hold on for long enough, it is to bear you fruits so sweet and so sugary that you’d be apologetic to having thought of giving up at one point.


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When Robin says with tears brimming her eyes, “You stole the blue French horn for me”, Ted says that he would have stolen a whole orchestra for her. That’s how he tells us that love has no boundaries, no limitations to itself. You can go far and beyond for that someone and it’ll still feel less.


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Loving someone or finding yourself ‘the one’ can be one heck of a tiring job. So you can take breaks and try to feel loved with things that you love and you’re doing nothing wrong.

Ted Mosby cannot be wrong. After all, ‘Ladies love Teddy Westside’!

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