10 Times Amul Gave The Most Glorious Tribute To Sachin Tendulkar

On his 44th birthday eve, Reacho compiled some of the most popular Amul ads about him.

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Ever since Sachin Tendulkar became part of the Indian cricket, he has always given us reasons to love him. Starting from a curly headed teenage cricketer to becoming the ‘God’ of the sport he is literally became the heartthrob of the Nation.

Even after his retirement, he enjoys the same amount of love and respect from his fans.

Amul has been one brand that has always produced some of the wittiest and awesome ad campaigns involving Sachin Tendulkar.

So, on his 44th birthday eve, Reacho compiled some of the most popular Amul ads about him.

#1 The time he scored his 100th century

Source: madovermarketing

#2 When Sachin played his last test match

Source: finmint

#3 Some words of motivation from the fans

Source: mxmindia

#4 When there was an outbreak over the friendship between Sachin and Kambli.

Source: madovermarketing

#5 When he returned to International cricket

Source: finmint

#6 When we realized he had an incredible appetite of making runs!

Source: Finmint

#7 When he scored a double century against South Africa

Source: mxmindia

#8 How can we forget the pathetic Adam Gilchrist controversy

Source: madovermarketing

#9 His noble deed of dedicating the Bharat Ratna to all the mothers

Source: madovermarketing

#10 And the time he decided to break our heart

Source: finmint

A Bonus one cause it’s his birthday!

Source: mxmindia

Title image: mxmindia

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