10 Things Which Used To irritate Us As Kids

When we were young, our world was small and so was our size and level of understanding. Though we never really had any haters and everybody we met only had nice

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When we were young, our world was small and so was our size and level of understanding. Though we never really had any haters and everybody we met only had nice things to say about us, we still used to get irritated a lot. Some of it was because of the adults and some of it was because of our younger self.

It was no fun, being a kid and having to deal with these things everyday.

1.Lack of reach

You can see it, you can smell it but you just can’t reach it. Curse this small body.

2. Horror of Green Veggies

Why? Just why? That’s the question which strikes us in the head. Out of so many other good, perfectly tasty vegetables, why mom chose the green one?

3. No!

There was this one word, that we all as kids, loved to hate. The constant denial of things. The one word that kept you from your happiness. Not getting what we wanted, all because of the dreadful No.

4. Tripping Ice-cream

Ice-cream was that one love that was too big for us to handle. Look that the size of the cone and scoop. How could a small kid manage it? Then they say ice-creams are made for kids. Apparently, no thought went into cone’s design.

5. Cartoon time

When your mom decides to take over your cartoon time or to take a nap in the TV room, it is just so damn annoying. One hour of Cartoon time, that is all we want! Is that too much.

6. Do your homework

There you are sitting on the swing, spending a perfectly good time and suddenly, your parents yell out for you, “Come home fast and finish your homework!” The least enjoyable thing in the world from the most enjoyable one, Homework!

7. Having to sit through News

What are they talking about? Even adults find it hard to decipher. Imagine what ordeal a child goes through. The only way a child can ever enjoy news is if someone struck someone else like that in the GIF. Yeah! action and violence those are the things.

8. Getting grounded

You broke a glass, get grounded. A complaint from the teacher, get grounded. On every silly thing, all we used to get ourselves grounded. If there is something that a kid hated more than  getting an ‘NO’ when they wanted something, it was this one peculiar punishment.

9. Deleted computer games

Space invader, Mario, Contra and so on. These things were the reason why we focused so much in the computer class. That is why having them deleted was so aggravating.  

10. The case of Missing Dish

You waited whole day thinking about last night's leftover of your favourite dish. You are paranoid, you are worried and when you reach home, it's freaking gone! Someone ate it! Waiting the whole day was a waste. Total waste! Thank you so much world.

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