10 Things That Really Piss You Off

There are moments in life when you feel like kicking or just saying “Get lost”.It happens on a day to day basis, whether we are at home or office.

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There are moments in life when you feel like kicking or just saying “Get lost”. The moments when you are really into something and next moment it is spoiled due to an alien interference. It happens on a day to day basis, whether we are at home or office or any other place. Let’s see few of them:

Fan turned off

In the morning when we are in deep sleep, suddenly we feel suffocated, we start sweating and we come out of our dreams to find the maid, moving out of our room with the broom. When we look at the ceiling, the fan is slowly dying to a standstill. The fan was switch off purposely. Now you want to kick the maid. Isn’t it?

Water tank is empty

Bathing makes you happy and refreshing, isn’t it? But if you have just foamed up your body with soap and suddenly you realize that the water is not running from the tap. The tap is just laughing at you in an annoying voice, suddenly the enjoyment has changed to anonymity. All your happiness sinks through the wash basin.

Internet and its tantrums

You have just got a mail from your senior for an urgent work and you have written all the details and comments and you are about to send the mail just when you realize that the internet is not working. The feeling of haplessness is killing you with nothing much to do rather than waiting. Killing isn’t it?

All set to rock the world but…

You are all set to go out on a perfect date. You have assured that you have chosen the right dress, right perfume, and right glasses. And now you are driving in your car to reach the destination. You can see your beloved waiting for you eagerly. You reach the point and as you open the door of your car to reach out, you find that you have stepped on the cow dung below you. You feel like cheated!

Unnecessary Honking

This happens on a regular basis. When you set off for the day and reach a busy road. Suddenly you are stuck between heavy traffic where everybody wants to move fastand someone behind you is continuously honking. Creating nuisance. You just want to get off your vehicle and slap that person off and teach him a lesson of traffic etiquettes.

Those irritating ads on radio

Source: electronicdesign.com

Reaching office on time and in a good mood is something everybody wants. You turn on the radio to listen to some good music to realize that ads are going on, you change the station, but again the same result. Every other station is running an ad. It really irritates you and you turn off the radio in disgust. Slowly your mood has shifted to awkwardness due to these silly ads.

Stealing the parking

Source: www.tumblr.com

You have just entered the parking lot and like a civilized citizen you are about to park your vehicle, when you realizes that a speeding vehicle has just stolen your parking spot. You feel like killing the person and break his vehicle, since being a civilized citizen you have lost the parking to an uncivilized person.

Bird Poop

All dressed for that interview. At the destination, you get off your car and while locking your vehicle, a small drop of poop from air just ruins your shirt. You feel awkward. Few minutes before, the shirt which was dawning the day now is smelling and making you ashamed. It really piss you off and you want to get rid of the shirt immediately with a crusification of that bird around.

Someone digging nose

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Starting a fresh day with a cup of coffee and few chitchat at the office canteen to realize someone digging his nose has turned around to shake hands with the same infected hand. EEEHH!!! You feel disgusted and wanted to slap him then and there. Isn’t it?

Hair in the food

Food is something which can make or break you day. It should be neat and clean. Served in a neat and clean dish and expect it to be cooked in the same manner. But while you are enjoying your food, you realize that a hair is tingling in the food which you are eating, and that really sets you off. You feel like kicking the cook.

So these are few of the awkward moments in our life, which we generally push off. But don’t you feel they really piss you off?

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