10 Things That Only A Bad Breakup Can Teach You

Relationships aren’t always successful.But when relationships fail, they may have an adverse effect on you.Let’s take a look at them:

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Relationships aren’t always successful. Sometimes you find a compatible partner and sometimes you don’t. When you are with someone, be it someone good or someone bad, you learn. And when you break-up with that person, you learn a lot more. But when relationships fail, they may have an adverse effect on you. On the flipside, breakups won’t just make you wiser, but they will also  teach you many other  things. Let’s take a look at them:

1. What is meant to be will find its way

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If you both are meant to be, you will be together. If you are supposed to part ways, you cannot stop that from happening. And crying over it won’t help either. Don’t trouble yourself. If it has to, it will happen.

2. When everyone says the same thing, they are probably right

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When your friends, families and even enemies voice out the same thoughts about how bad the person is for you, they are probably right. And if you don’t listen to them and if you listen to yourself instead, you are committing a mistake. Logo ka kaam hai kehna, par log galat nahi kehte.

3. Nothing lasts forever

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People, situations, time and relations- everything changes. Change is how you grow and evolve. Nothing is here to stay. The bad time will fly away just like the good times.

4. All the bad happens for the good

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Breaking up is for the better. You might feel vulnerable for a while or so, but sooner or later you will realize that it wasn’t a mistake. Everything happens for a reason. Later, when everything becomes clear, you will be glad that you broke up.

See heaven’s got a plan for you.

5. The world doesn’t stop spinning

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It is difficult, it is depressing and it can almost kill you, but does the world stop spinning? Life moves on and so will you. You will realize that ‘I can’t live without you’ is just a phrase. You have had bad relations in the past, right? And see, you are there, all fit and strong. You just need to give yourself some time. You just need to look at the greener side.

6. Alone is not lonely

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Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. Sometimes, being all by yourself is an option and sometimes it is a choice. If you stay alone, it means you are stronger than before. It means you don’t need anyone when you are at your worst. How courageous is that?

7. Regretting is wrong and so is revenge

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Regretting your past and calling it a mistake will not only take away your time and mind, but will also take the better off you. So is the case with revenge. You will learn that these negative feelings towards a relation or a person will not do you any good. It will not change situations and it will not let you move on.

8. You become invincible

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You change from what you were before. You become invincible, you get stronger. The rough situations and tough times will slip away and as soon as you know, you will be indestructible.

9. You learn how to let go

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After a breakup, you learn how to let someone you love, go. You learn to let things fall where they have to fall. You learn to let go of all that makes you sad and you learn to live again. And most importantly, you move on.

10. You learn to love yourself

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You learn to love again. But this time, you learn to love yourself first and then someone else. When you start spending time with yourself, you get to know yourself better. You start loving your weaknesses, your strengths, your insecurities and every little part of you.

And that’s how breakups aren’t bad, they are good.

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