10 Things Every ‘New’ iPhone User Needs To Know

So, you have just bought yourself a brand new iPhone,here are some things you ought to do before you start using iphones

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So, you have just bought yourself a brand new iPhone, off your own savings or through your parents!! 6, 6S, 5S, 5SE or is it the plus variants. Phew! And I need not mention about the GBs on offer — 16, 32, 64 or is it 128! The days are gone, when a certain Steve Jobs would be on stage and the world would stop and take notice. Gone are the days wherein Apple would launch a single device at an event!

So, after your initial few days of flaunting around your new toy, here are some things you ought to do before you start using your phone (iPhone):

1. Set up Touch ID

Source: Cnet

If you haven’t already set up fingerprint recognition during the initial setup of the iPhone, or if you already have, even then, u can add additional fingerprints to secure your iPhone.

Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Add a fingerprint

While you are at it, scroll down and disable ‘Erase Data’. It’s a nice security feature, but you don’t want your iPhone to be wiped clean, when u accidently give your iPhone to a child and he enters wrong passcode more than 10 times.

2. Disable duplicate photo saves

Source: Isunshare

You might have wondered about the duplicate photos appearing in your ‘Photos’ app. HDR is to blame. While keeping HDR feature ‘ON’ is recommended, you might not want to save the non HDR ones.

Go to Settings -> Photos& Camera ->Disable ‘Keep normal photo’

3. Sign in to iCloud and activate Keychain

Source: Dice

It is necessary you sign in to iCloud to have your backups set-up. Activate iCloud drive and sync only contacts, calendars, reminders and safari.

Go to Settings -> ICloud -> Keychain -> Enable ‘iCloud Keychain’

Go to Settings -> ICloud -> Enable ‘Find my iPhone’

‘Find my iPhone’ is default feature to track your device if it gets stolen. iCloud Keychain stores your passwords and credit card info on the secure chip on the device and is accessible only on your device. Kudos to Privacy rights!

4. Change mail settings from ‘push’ to ‘fetch’

Source: Theappfactor

This helps a lot in saving battery and your mobile data. Just swipe down in the Mail app to get latest emails.

Go to Settings -> Mail -> Fetch New Data -> Fetch -> Manually

5. Wi-Fi assist

Source: iPhonetricks

For people on unlimited mobile data packs, skip. For people on fixed monthly mobile data plans, do the needful.

Go to Settings -> Mobile Data -> Scroll to the bottom -> Disable Wi-Fi Assist

It disables automatic use of mobile data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. Also, in this section, you can customize mobile data access for installed apps. Toggle ‘Use mobile data for’

6. Enable location services

Source: Appleinsider

All the android converts, iPhone has an amazing GPS function. It switches on only when you are using the app. It does not keep running all the time in the background, as in Android. And also, you get to choose which apps to want to access location.

Go to Settings-> Privacy -> Location Services -> Toggle for individual apps

7. Background App Refresh

Source: Mashable

This setting allows you to optimize background app refresh when on mobile data or Wi-Fi. Turning off background data may help conserve battery life.

Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh

8. DND & favourites

Source: Pcmag

This is a nifty feature wherein you can choose to allow calls, either from contact favourites or certain groups. This is helpful when you are in a meeting. I use it when I am sleeping! Be sure to add favourites from your contact list first.

Phone -> Favourites -> click on the ‘+’ icon to add contacts

Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb -> Allow calls from -> Favourites/Groups

Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb -> Enable ‘Repeated Calls’

9. Airdrop

Source: Makeuseof

While sharing photos to an iOS user, make use of AirDrop for instantaneous transfers.

Swipe up from bottom to open control panel -> Toggle ‘Airdrop’ -> Everyone

Now when you are sharing photos by pressing the

icon in Photos app, you will see the iOS user in the tab.

10. Do not save credit card details in Apple ID

Source: Osxdaily

If you had provided credit card data for Apple Music, make sure you remove it. Otherwise, Apple will keep charging you renewal fees, and also will use the credit card information when you accidentally do purchases at iTunes store. To avoid all this, delete the card info you provided.

Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Apple ID (Click on your email) -> Payment

My TIP: Never ever, ever, download and use Facebook App. It’s a 134MB app and eats up shitload of memory upon use. Also no pointers for being surprised, iOS does not have clear cache option. Use Safari instead.

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