10 Signs You Should Ditch Your Friends Like Right Now!

Yes, I know that ain’t easy but what’s the point of being friends with people who drain you off completely and take you down, anyway?!

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A good friend circle and your life is LIT! Even though they come in all shapes and sizes, they’re sure a blessing in disguise!

Now, when you’ve had friends for so long, you’d never want to part ways with them. But, when these thick as ever friendships start going toxic, that's when you need to put your foot down and cut the cords. Ruthless, you say? Well, we figured 10 signs your friend circle could be showing that it is possibly lethal to you!

In such scenes, it is more advisable and a sane decision to ditch your friend circle and get a new one. Yes, I know that ain’t easy but what’s the point of being friends with people who drain you off completely and take you down, anyway?!

So dearies, watch out for these signs!

1) Drama > Friendship

Finding yourself caught up with too much drama, gossip, wicked-hidden intent than pure, blissful friendship? Then it’s sure time you let go.

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2) They bring out the worst in you

Get that feeling when you’re supposed to feel better around them but you instead act all edgy because of the way they’re around you? That’s not cool. Ditch!

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3) Nobody seems to be growing up.

It’s 2017 and if they’re still stuck on getting that Instagram filter right than being there to hear you rant about your job. Both of you, GET A LIFE!

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4) They’re just not that into you.

You call them to talk about you but eventually end up talking about them, and the worst part, they totally forget that you wanted to talk to them in the first place. That’s a clear sign of – Take off.

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5) You’re not yourself around them.

You don’t like gossiping nor do you find talking about boys endlessly fascinating. Yet when you meet them, you do, because they’re your friends and it’s kinda-like cool. Sweeties, it’s not. You’ll only come back hating yourself for being what you aren’t. Take the exit.

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6) They don’t like you have any other friends.

Have you heard those, ‘Ohh, I see you hanging out with them more often, eh?’? If yes, then this could be a major sign.

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7) You’re forced to hang out with them.

It starts with coercing and even goes to the level of guilt-tripping. A good set of friends realise your ‘no’ is a ‘no’ and that it’s your call at the end of the day.

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8) Your siblings disapprove of them.

Somehow the siblings are blessed with this amazing detector thingy where they can sense if your pals aren’t good for you. They’ll warn you through hints or blatantly say it to you. But they will tell ya.

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9) You heard a little gossip about you in the group.

Heard a lil something from Neha which you had only told Pooja and now even Aditi has an idea about it? Yikes! I’ll say SCOOT!

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10) Time is the only reason you’re staying.

If after all these signs, you’re still saying, ‘Oh, It’s been so long so it just makes sense', then you’ve definitely found yourself in the vicious cycle of damaging the friendship.

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