On A Blind Date? Ask These 10 Simple Questions To Know About Your Date’s Personality

Have you ever been at a loss for words when your parents introduce you to a random person at party or your friends set you up for a blind date?

On A Blind Date?, A Blind Date, 10 Simple Questions To Know About Your Date, Your Date’s Personality

Have you ever been at a loss for words when your parents introduce you to a random person at party or your friends set you up for a blind date? When you meet a person for the first time there is some inevitable awkwardness as both parties do not know what to talk about or how to even begin the conversation. Here are 10 little things you can shoot at these newfound strangers and get to know them better:

1. Beaches or mountains?

Beaches would mean the person loves the sand and, perhaps, loves to party and chill whereas mountains could mean that he/she is a nature lover, who loves calm and serenity.

2. Summers or winters?

Summer fans love colour and brightness. They usually love fruits, like to experiment with fruits and generally tend to be outdoorsy whereas winter lovers are comparatively lousy, like to snuggle and laze around, preferring to stay indoors.

3. Car or bike?

Car means comfort and security with a shield over the head and an AC to suit your travel as a tourist whereas a bike ride is full of thrill and adventure proving that he/she is an ultimate wanderer.

4. Cricket or football?

Whether it is a boy or girl striking a conversation about sports is the easiest, because you are either a cricket person or football person. Cricket fanatics are all about patience and composure- they enjoy the game ball-by-ball whereas football fans are the kind of people who loves fast-paced action. They are not impatient but waiting too long for something to happen bores them.

5. Ironman or Batman?

Day versus night? Marvel versus DC? Arrogant versus brooding? Extrovert versus introvert? This question alone can be the foundation of an unending discussion leading to major friendship!

6. Talker or listener?

Looking for a friend? Wouldn’t you want to know whether this new stranger has those attributes or not? If he would  listen to your sob stories tolerantly or be a total supporter, coming up with solutions being their talkative self?

7. Words or numbers?

Some are word people, who have a certain affinity towards languages and literature and are artistic in taste, whereas the number geeks are the technical zealots and have a soft corner for math. It is also found that they are emotionally stronger than the previous lot.

8. Trousers or Jeans?

This helps you understand whether the person before you is about fashion or comfort! Trousers could mean that the person is uptight and it may take a while to become friends whereas jeans is another word for happy-go-lucky.

9. TV shows or books?

Well-read people have knowledge and are deep thinkers- making them versatile and easy to relate to. But if they answer otherwise you have a million sitcoms to discuss and analyze! GoT freak are we?

10. Truth or dare?

Is the person before you a go-getter or does he/she wants to get away with a simple truth which may not necessarily be that because you hardly know him/her? In any case this could be the last step to finally begin a wholesome conversation with.

Once you acquire answers to these questions, it becomes easy to figure out what kind of person you have met and pursue a conversation based on this newfound info.

Go ahead and be the icebreaker!

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