10 Photorealistic Oil Paintings That Will Blow Your Mind!

An artist at his best!

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Have you ever seen oil paintings that you thought were real photographs? It’s correctly said that an artist has an extraordinary power to show the world which is truly irreplaceable and today Reacho brings you an Israeli artist who creates incredibly realistic large scale portraits of young women in vast transcending landscapes. The following paintings are made by Yigal Ozeri and they are surely unbelievable and incredible.

1. Aquabella

<i>Untitled</i>; Aquabella, oil on paper, 42x60 in, 2011Source: yigalozeriartist

2. Genesis

89f1f0_47bac6e7e4264caab5900fee603b93d9.jpgSource: yigalozeriartist

3. Lizzie Smoking

89f1f0_3f038d0ebf96435f8fe90ad02321f947.jpgSource: yigalozeriartist

4. Priscilla With Vines

<i>Untitled; Priscilla with Vines</i>, oil on canvas, 54 x 36 in, 2010

Source: yigalozeriartist

5. Garden Of Gods


Source: yigalozeriartist

6. One Painting That is Available now

<i>Untitled; Zuzanna</i>, 42x60 inches, oil on paper, 2015

Source: yigalozeriartist

7. Territory

<i>Untitled</i>; Territory, oil on paper, 42x60 in, 2012

Source: yigalozeriartist

8. Untitled

89f1f0_c8fd7f9a90de483b829b8906118de764.jpgSource: yigalozeriartist

9. Morning

<i>Untitled; Megan</i>, oil on paper, 42 x 60 in, 2012Source: yigalozeriartist

10. Lizzie In The Snow


Source: yigalozeriartist

Yes all these are oil paintings! You can watch a video of Yigal Ozer’s exhibition below to know the scale of his work!

Title image: yigalozeriartist

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