10 New Features To Look Forward To In The Upcoming iOS 10 Upgrade

Apple has marketed the iOS 10, coming this fall, as their biggest upgrade yet with a multitude of new features.Let’s take a look at some of the features:

New Features Of iOS 10, iOS 10 Upgrade, Apple Maps, Siri

Apple has marketed the iOS 10, coming this fall, as their biggest upgrade yet with a multitude of new features. While most of their features just improve upon the previous iOS iterations, some, like the messaging app, receive major overhauls. Let’s take a look at some of the features that iOS 10 will bring to the table:

1. The look

Source: Engadget

The major look overhaul in ios 10 will be transparency. Apple has decided to allow full transparency for the apps so that the user can get around the os better

2. Siri

Source: Wired

As it is with every iteration, Siri will be more smarter than ever (though perhaps still be jealous of cortana). And now you can select a male voice too if you are tired of the same old voice.

3. Apple maps

Source: Geekygadgets

Apple maps, now more refined than ever and getting ever closer to Google, can now be accessed by sliding upwards. The search has now a filter that you can utilise (for ex, limiting a restaurant search to a particular food).

4. Messaging

Source: Indianexpress

Messaging is the biggest part of the iOS 10 overhaul. Since it is the most used feature on the iphone, Apple has decided to upgrade it to the next level by adding animations like balloons, confetti or fireworks. You can also send a handwritten note now to add that personal touch.

5. Apple music

Source: ihelpbr

Apple music has well over 15 million paid subscribers. In iOS 10, the app has been completely redesigned to make it more simple and intuitive. Now you can also access lyrics for the music as well as follow your favorite artist straight from the app.

6. 3D touch icons

Source: Appleapple

This has been one of the most used features ever since its introduction in iOS 9. Now in the 10th iteration, pressing down on a home screen icon will show handy information like events in the calendar app.

7. Organ donation

Source: Mactrast

Apple has devised a rather innovative idea is to urge users to donate their organs through the health app.  Users will be asked to register for organ donation through a pop-up window after they will be added to the national organ donor database. All countries may not get this function at launch.

8. Home

Source: Imore

Homekit was introduced in iOS 8 with the intention of allowing users to control home appliances using iphone. Now in iOS 10, a new app called Home has been released by Apple to help user manage all the apps and devices that support homekit.

9. Apple news

Source: Appleinsider

Apple news, first introduced in iOS 9, has got an upgraded look in iOS 10. One of the new features is, in the ‘For you’ tab, news will be broken down into sections like trending based on your preferences and choices.

10. Phone

Source: Engadget

In a new feature, users can scan the transcript of a voicemail through the phone app. Another useful feature is that a third party app can now call you and you can receive the call through the lockscreen itself.

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