10 Movie Roles Only Sandra Bullock Could Have Pulled Off

Bullock is not the usual ‘Just a Pretty face’, but a solid actress with some amazing roles in her film career.The 52 year old diva is a versatile artist.

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She is not the usual ‘Just a Pretty face’, but a solid actress with some amazing roles in her film career. She has her own style and delivers each role with utmost diligence and it is almost impossible to imagine someone else essaying those roles. The 52 year old diva is a versatile artist with some great works to her credit like…

1. The Blind Side

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Intelligent acting and intellectual cinema. The Blind Side is power packed performance by Bullock that earned her the Oscar and Golden globe for Best actress.

2. The Proposal

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Though the plot is a clichéd one, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock do justice to the cause and play an adorable urban new age couple brilliantly.

3. 28 Days

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Though the movie didn’t do very well, there are some incredible scenes that show just how great Sandra is playing an alcohol-dependent character.

4. The Heat

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This one is practically Miss Congeniality 3, and McCarthy and Bullock’s chemistry is like on fire.

5. All About Steve

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This one is hilarious! Sandra bullock pulled a great one opposite Bradley Cooper and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It shows that she can tickle our funny bones just right.

6. Two Weeks Notice

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Playing the ultimate Mills and Boons story of ‘How I fell for my Boss’, Sandar Bullock proved that she can play a perfect dame for the romcom king Hugh Grant!

7. Speed

C:\Users\user\Desktop\Reacho\pics\Keanu-Reeves-Sandra-Bullock_Speed_02O.jpgSource: 123encore

Now, can you even try to imagine someone else playing Annie Porter? Speed is one of the most liked action cult classics and we thank Bullock for giving us that.

8. The Lake House

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Her association with Keanu Reeves was much applauded and appreciated by all fans, so they went ahead and created one of the most romantic stories in Hollywood with The Lake House.

9. Gravity

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She is known for her intense acting and Gravity was proof enough that that she is a pool of potential, given she was pitted with the evergreen George Clooney.

10. Miss Congeniality

From this…

C:\Users\user\Desktop\Reacho\pics\1971_3_screenshot.pngSource: mr-movie

To this!

C:\Users\user\Desktop\Reacho\pics\lat-miss-congeniality-2000-la0004271588-20001214Source: latimes

Miss Congeniality put Sandra bullock on the world map of renowned actors. Her role of an FBI agent transforming into this talented beauty pageant winner not only won her accolades for her acting but also success at the BO.

Keep rocking, Sandra Bullock!

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