10 Most Desirable Men Who Make Indian Women Go Weak In Their Knees

Girls are attracted not just to abs and brawn but to talent and nature. Though sculpted bodies still sell like hot cakes the new breed of women are also attract

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Girls are attracted not just to abs and brawn but to talent and nature. Though sculpted bodies still sell like hot cakes the new breed of women are also attracted to intellect and ingenuity just as much. Celebrities who catch their attention may or may not be macho but sure as hell have won their hearts with killer looks, witty retorts or simply the way they treat their girlfriends. Here are ten men who give Indian women McDreamy feels!

1. Abhay Deol

http://www.hdwallpapersact.com/wp-content/gallery/abhay-deol/abhay-deol-face.jpg Source: Alchetron

Ladies only fall for gentlemen and Abhay Deol is the perfect example for this because his dapper looks and shy nature is considered to be what makes him sexy and desirable. Also his choice of cinema and type of acting hints at his intellect and intelligence means a total win-win when it comes to impressing women.

2. Rahul Khanna

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-b7jbCngGN4E/U8_e1VZZBeI/AAAAAAAAAyM/EofyzWKANQo/s1600/Corrected2.jpg Source:  Rahul Khanna

Though he never really made it to the big screen well, he definitely made to this list of desirables owing to his recent escapades at Instagram and Twitter which reminded the girls how charming he is. A perfectly chiseled body, calm demeanour and his shirtless style is winning girly giggles all the way.

3. Rana Daggubati

Source: Hadwall

Well this guy stole hearts right when he made girls swoon over him with Te Amo topping charts for weeks and Rana winning hearts just the same. His Bahubali-Katappa stint cemented the adulation permanently.

4. Ayushmann

Source: Desi Comments

The one guy women have been obsessed about right from the time he won Roadies. From a biker image to the lovable chocolate boy roles, Ayushmann leapt into the hearts of girls every time he picked a guitar and hummed Paani Da. His gentlemanly attitude, accented voice and coy good looks are just added cherries on the cake. His loyalty towards his wife despite all the stardom is also a huge turn on.

5. Siddharth Malhotra

http://www.hdwallpaper4u.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/sidharth_malhotra_hd_wallpaper__student_of_the_year.jpgSource: HDWallpaper

He is the sabhya susheel Guy you take to your parents. Though he tried the Gunda attitude with Ek Villain, Sid is inherently a lover boy, each girl drools over. He gives girls boyfriend goals - cute, caring, loving, understanding and all words cliché!

6. Sushant Singh Rajput

http://cdn.magzter.com/1331376208/1432883221/articles/55812eb6035ef/1434527669680.jpgSource: Magzster

Girls love a rags to riches story. His journey from telly to films was closely accompanied by a lot of female fandom who find him extremely talented and well mannered. Girls have envied his longtime girlfriend Ankita Lokhande and their break made some happy, some sad. Happy cause an eligible bachelor is back on the block and proud as the way he dealt with the rumours with integrity.

7. Randeep Hooda

Source: Randeep Hooda

“Well if looks could kill” seems like a phrase born with this guy. Raw and rustic sex appeal oozes out of every look he throws. Randeep Hooda is the man women wanna take home (but this time parents boyfriends or even husbands cannot know *wink*). And well it’s just not that, he impresses the ladies with real intense acting to lure them towards him just like his character Charles did.

8. Virat Kohli

https://s4.scoopwhoop.com/anj/virat/735399971.jpg Source: ScoopWhoop

The less said the better. Virat kohli happens to be the man of dreams not just for Anushka but for a million others girls who would give anything to just share a glance with him. His aggressive style, sexy body, brattish moods make the concept of falling for bad boys real.

9. Fawad Khan

http://baysidejournal.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/fawad.jpg Source: Bayside

Now this man is straight out of a Mills and Boons novel. No Arguments. Tall, brooding and intense, Fawad Khan makes you wonder whether he is for real or not. The Pakistani actor has a crazy female following like none other. Dapper looks, smoldering eyes, sexy beard or infinite handsomeness, it is still a secret as to what exactly draws them towards him!

10. Ranveer Singh

http://womensfavourite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ranveer-singh-wallpapers.jpg Source: Acting

His acting. His beard. His looks. That Sindhi nose!

His quirk. His wit. His tongue. Oh! That smirk!

His body. His abs. His arms. Ahh that shirtless pose!

His dance. His moves. Ooooo… That twerk!

His style. His PDA. His love.

Hey! What’s not to love!

While guys can go nurse their hurt egos, it is time for some drooling for girls!

Title Image: Diva

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