10 Mini Horror Stories That Will Scare The Devil Out Of You!

These horror stories will send chills down your spine and take your sleep away!

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Those horror stories that can send chills down your spine and can take your sleep away don't necessarily need to be in the form of long novels and lengthy movies, they can also be two sentences short. The horror stories, no matter how it is elongated or briefed, bring out the same secretions of stimulus and emotions: giving you goosebumps and scaring the pants off of you. So to give you the pleasure of experiencing this sensation, we bring to you these selected two sentences horror tales:












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RiYa Chawla (WRITER)

Riya Chawla, is currently pursuing Literature and Psychology from Nagpur. Being a vehement writer and an avid reader, she longs to bring complexities to an end and help commas become inverted.