10 Legal Rights That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Women are an integral part of the society.These legal laws that every woman should be aware of and should implement whenever in need:

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Women are an integral part of the society. They are as important as men and should be valued with the same respect as men are valued with. So with the blistering world and so many laws shaping up our society and boundaries, read these legal laws that every woman should be aware of and should implement whenever in need:

1. Right to file an FIR via e-mail

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According to the guidelines issued by the Delhi Police, women have the right to lodge a complaint via e-mail or registered post.

2. A woman cannot be called to the police station

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Women cannot be called to the police station for interrogation as per the criminal procedure code. This law provides Indian Women the right of not being physically present at the police station for the interrogation.

3. Police cannot refuse to lodge an FIR of a Woman

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Under the Zero FIR ruling by The Supreme Court, a rape victim can register her police complaint from any police station irrespective of the police station under which the incident occurs.

4. There is no time limit for filing an FIR of a Woman

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The Supreme Court has ruled that even if a considerable time has elapsed since the incident of rape or molestation has occurred, the police cannot refuse to lodge it.

5. Right to privacy while recording statements

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Under the Criminal Procedure Code, a victim can record her statement before the district magistrate when the case is under trial and no one else needs to be present. The policemen have to upkeep the woman’s right to privacy.

6. Right to protection of the identity

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According to the Indian Penal Code, under no circumstances can the identity of a victim be revealed. Neither the police nor the media can make known the name of the victim in public without the permission of the victim.

7. Women cannot be arrested after sunset

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No woman can be arrested after sunset and before sunrise as per the code of criminal procedure.

8. A doctor cannot decide or dismiss the incidents

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A doctor cannot decide or dismiss a case of a rape. As per the criminal procedure code, a victim needs to be medically examined and only the report can act as a proof.

9. Right to free legal aid

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Women have right to free legal aid.

With legal aid, the preamble of the Indian Constitution implies on giving free legal services to the poor and needy who are unable to afford the services of an advocate for a legal proceedings in any court.

10. Women are entitled to protection by their employer

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According to the guidelines of the Supreme Court and under the women protection and changing laws, it is the duty of all firms, both public and private, to create a Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee to resolve such complaints.

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