10 Important Life Lessons That Shin Chan Ingeniously Taught You

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Shin Chan, a Japanese cartoon, is an adventure of a 5 year old Shin Chan Nohara. Our beloved childhood cartoon never gets old: literally, he's 5 throughout the show and figuratively, he's forever to stay afresh in our memories. The funny old cartoon has subtly and ingeniously taught us so many life lessons and we've compiled a list of them. Let's pay a look:

1. Always be there for your friends

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Be it in sunshine or rain, in happiness or pain: always be there for your friends no matter what.

2. Love your pet unconditionally

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Even though Shin Chan never fed Shiro on time or took it out for a walk, Shiro loves him unconditionally. That's because Shin Chan loved him unconditionally in the first place!

3. Get responsible about your city

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At the age of 5, Shin Chan was a part of Kasukabe Defense Group and that made all the difference.

4. Always be truthful

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Even if the truth is an absurd, illogical or even nonsensical; always voice it out. Never peanut-butter lie in a situation. Always be honest and unabashed like Shin Chan.

5. Keep your goals up and high

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It's mundane to want something ordinary. It's boring to be have easy dreams. Get out of your comfort zone and aim for something extraordinary and unachievable and only then will life be exultantly exciting chasing dreams.

6. Accept and appreciate negative criticism

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It's alright to be criticized and denounced and there's only one way you can accept and appreciate it by imitating Shin Chan:

Ab mein itna bhi kuch khaas nahi *Shin Chan laugh*

7. Never give up

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Be it people or dreams or a daily task: Shin Chan taught us to never give up. If you keep trying, someday you'll get there and achieve everything you've been working hard on!

8. Love food

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Unconditionally, unreasonablly and unconventionally: fall in love with food and never fall out of love.

9. Know the worth of your puppy eyes

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When time and situation demands, know that you can profusely use your puppy eyes and profoundly make everyone agree to you.

So much win.

10. Flirting isn't bad at all, especially with didis

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You can flirt all you want with elder girls. Only one condition stands in the way, you'll have to be adorable and respectfully call them didi.

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