10 Illusions Which Will Blow Your Mind! Don’t Believe Us, See It For Yourself

Be aware these optical images are crazy.

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#1 This beautiful star. Is it Floating or is it just a still image?

#2 Wait! Are there a couple of dolphins in the sea?

#3 This is one of the best optical illusions you will see. The squares ‘A’ and ‘B’ have exactly the same background.

#4 These beans appear to be floating, but it actually is a still image.

#5 What do you see? An old woman or an young woman?

#6 Do you guys also see the black balls between the squares or is your mind playing tricks on you?   

#7 Area ‘A’ and ‘B’ are exactly same. Get a ruler and see it yourself.

  #8 Are you watching the chair from back or from the front? 


#9 What do you see? The face of a man or of a woman walking by?

#10 This is crazy! Depending upon which side of your brain you are using the woman will spin either clockwise or anticlockwise.


 Image source: luxemodo

Title image: tes

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