10 Different Things That You Can Do This Friendship Day

Hola! We celebrate our friendship every day. We chat, go to food joints, hang out and more so it becomes a task when a special day is set aside for friendship.

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Hola! We celebrate our friendship every day. We chat, go to food joints, hang out and more so it becomes a task when a special day is set aside to celebrate friendship. And friendship bands and visiting cafes are a bit too cliché so here are 10 things a little different that you can do to have a memorable Friendship day ’16.

1. Visit a DJ Party/Clubbing

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Dress up! Suit up! Pretty much the usual, meet up new people, try to hook up your friends with random mutual friends and dance away to a happy evening with your buddies!

2. Go Karaoke

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You will hardly have a few singers in your gang, so go for a Karaoke night and end up with a good laugh with each singing *shrieking* *screeching* friend!

3. Watch Suicide Squad

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If you are movie buddies, this is just the right time! Go catch a late night run of Suicide Squad, get ideas, oh-this-is-so-us moments and an adventurous nigh out after that.

4. Watch and reenact Reruns of FRIENDS

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Test how well you know each other, reenact the episode 12 from season 4 The Apartment (originally the One with The Embryos) if you happen to be FRIENDS FANS. Rerun and rerun and check out if you have similar traits and events!

5. Picnic or road trip

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Set out on your bikes single or pillion together. Eat at a Dhaba or if you want you can even cook yourself. Explore, travel, go new places close by, trek and strengthen your bond. That’ll be quite something.

6. Get together and view old photos

http://cdn.lightgalleries.net/4bd5ec0ba76f5/images/redbox-albums-0710-Edit-web-1.jpgSource: redboxweddings

Friends = Memories. If you want a quite mature day IN, bring on that Laptop and pull out old albums and have a beautiful day reminiscing good old days.

7. Go to an old age home or orphanage

http://static1.squarespace.com/static/53db333ee4b0ba1f9a9fee21/t/548028a6e4b05ea9bd17dc7c/1417685164183/old+age+home+4.JPG?format=2500wSource: epocheldercare

The essence of friendship is goodness. Spend time together in the company of little children or old grannies and spread some happiness this August!

8. Visit your place of Friendship

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Whether it be your school or college - the place which brought you together holds a lot of significance. Revisiting the place will be like reliving those first days of friendship and realizing how long you’ve come since then.

9. Call up old pals instead of sending a WhatsApp message

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The digital age is doing away with the personal touch. So pick up your phone and call up! Hear their voice! Be a little more a friend than the other is expecting you to be!

10. Snuggle up and just talk

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Well, probably it’s raining cats and dogs outside so just call your friends over, put some Maggi for boil and curl up under the same blanket and choose to be as lazy as possible because hey! That is what friends are for!

Happy Friendships Day people!

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