10 Beautiful Volcanic Crater Lakes From Around The World

Crater lakes are formed in craters that are created by meteorite collisions, volcanic eruptions or human activities. We bring some most beautiful crater lakes.

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Crater lakes are formed in craters that are created by either meteorite collisions, volcanic eruptions or human activities. The water  found in such lakes is generally acidic but there are some exceptions where you find fresh water too. The volcanic crater lakes always appear unique due to their beautiful colors and their formation. After the crater is formed the water from rain, melted ice or groundwater fills up the cavity. These lakes can also be found in isolated areas and the lakes which do not have any outflow or inflow often contain the purest water on Earth. We bring you some of the most beautiful volcanic crater lakes of the world that are known for their uniqueness:

1. Lake Quilotoa

Source: jojoboodle

Found At: Ecuadorian Andes, South America.

Size: 3,914 m in height and 3 km in width.

Color: Green color

Age: Approx. 40,000 years old.

The lake is an increasingly popular tourist site. Buses and trucks can be used for conveyance and hiking and camping around this lake is also safe.

2. Lake Pinatubo

Source: olanology

Found At: Mount Pinatubo, near the boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales provinces in the Philippines.

Size: 600 meters in depth and 2.7 kilometers in width.

Color: Changes from blue to green to brown.

Age: 15 years old

The lake is the deepest lake in the region and described as "a wide jewel of blue and green”. Although earlier hiking and travelling by four-wheelers was the way to reach the lake, recently the lake can also be accessed with a skyway which reduces the time required.

3. The Okama Crater Lake

Source: pint

Found At: Between Yamagata Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Size: 1,200 ft in diameter and 200 ft deep

Color: Emerald green, blue, black and other colors according to the weather conditions.

Age: 296 years old

This lake also has another name Goshikiko (Lake of Five Colors) since its surface of emerald green changes its color according to the sunlight. Tourists can easily reach the lake by bus, car or ropeway and there is a shrine and restaurant too on the 45-minute route. No creature is seen around, since the lake water is highly acidic.

4. Inferno Crater Lake

Source: flickr

Found At:  Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley in New Zealand.

Size: 98 ft in depth and 39 ft in width.

Color: Sky Blue

Age: 130 years old

Inferno Crater Lake is accessible via a side track with 50 steps off the main Waimangu walking track. The lake has the largest geyser-like feature in the world.

5. Katmai Crater

Source: hdwall

Found At: Katmai National Park, southern Alaska.

Size: 10 km in diameter and 4.5 km by 3 km in area

Color:  Dark greenish color

Age: 104 years

Visitors can view Katmai Crater Lake on "flightseeing tours" by float plane. Many deaths have also been reported due to the release of gases in the area and accessing the lake surface directly is very dangerous.

6. Heaven Lake

Source: thousandwonders

Found At: Paektu Mountain, between China and North Korea.

Size: 699 ft in depth and an area of 9.82 km²

Color: Deep blue

Age: 1047 years old

From October to June the lake is covered with ice although it is safe to go. The lake has many stories behind it. North Korean people claim that Kim Jong-il was born near the lake on the mountain and on his death; the ice on the lake cracked "so loud, it seemed to shake the Heavens and the Earth." Zhuo Yongsheng, director of a TV station's news center shot a 20-minute video of 6 seal-like, finned Lake Tianchi Monsters which left ripples on the volcanic lake surface.

7. Lake Toba

Source: 7-wl

Found At: Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Size: 100 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide, and up to 1,666 ft. deep.

Color: Turquoise

Age: 77,000 years old.

People who live around Lake Toba are ethnically Bataks and traditional houses can be seen around the lake. The lake is threatened with population but major flora and fauna can be seen and the lake is safe to visit.

8. Kelimutu Colored Lakes

Source: indonesia

Found At: Flores Island in Indonesia.

Size: 350 km in length and 820 feet deep.

Color: Turquoise, brown, black, sky blue, green and blood red.

Age: 130 years old.

The lake is attracting many visitors and takes 3 hours from the town of Kelimutu. Tourists are always eager to see the sunset at this lake.

9. The Bajada Del Diablo field

Source: flickr

Found At: Argentina

Size: diameters of 300 m and maximum depth of 10 m

Color: Blue

Age: 130,000 to 780,000 years ago

The field is not considered safe to visit and is still been researched upon. The crater field where number of meteorites are seen is only visited by scientists to understand the origin of the lake.

10. Albertine Rift

Source: ngm

Found At: Africa

Size: 4,800 ft. deep

Color: Greenish

Age: 96 years old.

The Albertine Rift has been formed from a combination of uplifted Pre-Cambrian basement rocks and recent volcanic activity. The lake need to be conserved and has exceptional flora near it. Not only that, gorillas also live near the rift and are conserved by the WWF.

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