Friday Night Live with Kiran Patil

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Date and Time

Start: 2016-06-17 , 21:00 PM
End: 0000-00-00 , 0:00 PM


Replay Sports Bar Saffron Hotels, Prime Rose Mall, 76/3, Baner, Pune, India 411045

Romance is a dying art. 

Texts, smileys, emoticons and the like have now replaced letters, music and the act of unconditional love. 

That's probably when a song perfectly captures the emotions of the ideal concept of love, we absolutely worship it. 

This Friday, Kiran Patil is here at your neighbourhood bar to give you a dose of some of the most amazing, soulful, heart-wrenching romantic songs through the ages. 

Perhaps you have a partner. Or perhaps there's someone you'd like to take that role. Bring them by and let them hear what you're too afraid to tell them.

Who knows? With beer and romance in the air, there are few better combinations for some truth to come out. 

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