Get To Know These 11 'Mentors' For Nagpur's First Indian Youth Conclave

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Indian Youth Conclave is a youth-centric festival targeted at those who want to follow their dreams and passions. It brings together TEDx Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Designers, Geeks and Musicians. It is for those who choose to follow their heart and travel the roads untravelled.

They held the conclave in Chennai on 10th April this year and now on 14th August, for the first time, the event will be held in Nagpur.

The Conclave brings ‘mentors’ to guide the youth towards their dreams and passions.

Here are the mentors that will guide you at Nagpur’s conclave:



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Terribly tiny tales brings together a diverse pool of fantastic writers to create one tweet-sized story, everyday. They inspire students to write, hold workshops, help students discover their passion. They invite readers to contribute a word from which the writer picks a word of his/her choice.


Film & Video

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Pooja Banerjee completed her schooling from Centre Point School and college from Hislop College. She has also represented Maharashtra at the national level swimming tournaments. She has swam the 5 km sea race at the Arabian Sea and 14 km river race at river Hooghly. Pooja Banerjee also plays the lead role in Swim Team. She was first seen on the MTV India reality show Roadies Season 8 and has since gone on to act in several other TV shows.



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Slum Soccer is an organization which uses football as a medium to transcend race, religion, language and gender to bring a change in the lives of street dwellers. They reach out to the underprivileged using football as a tool for social empowerment. As a sports teacher at a local college, Vijay Barse's life changed when one rainy day he came across slum children playing football with a broken bucket in Nagpur. The unbridled joy on the faces of a few street children kicking a broken bucket around a slushy ground gave Barse the inspiration to found Slum Soccer.


Film & Video

Sameer Kulkarni is a Pune-based short-films director & scriptwriter. His recent short-film 'Kavadse' (Fragments of Sunlight) has won many national & international recognitions like screening in Ozark Shorts Monthly Screening Program, Missouri, USA, runner up position at the International Children's Short Film Festival, Lucknow and also a special screening at Zero Plus International Film Festival, Russia.



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Abhishek Jhawar graduated from the KM college of Music and Technology of Dr A R Rahman in chennai and then later went on to explore and deepen his love for music. He is now a rising singing sensation from Nagpur. He has performed in the presence of great musicians and vocalists like AR Rahman, Shivamani, Javed Ali and has also been a part of the Spic Macay International Conventions and has won many awards too!



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Alag Angle creates a vibrant art environment across Nagpur by creating open studio spaces for young art makers and audiences of the region that practice and appreciate innovations in arts. Tanul Vikamshi, along with Lalit Vikamshi, provide a space to support artists, art lovers and create the awareness of art in public to help students discover their passion and guide them.


Entrepreneur Shashikant

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Chaudhary, an alumni of VNIT, is an experienced executive with a strong background in global environments, extensive industry knowledge and a firm understanding of GlobalLogic’s business model. Shashikant Chaudhary is a proven leader with experience as an academic, entrepreneur, business executive, and effective engineering chief. He is the co-founder of One Foundation, an initiative for Youth enrichment.



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Khichadiwala envisages on becoming a popular name in the fast food industry with its unique taste and health benefits. Khichadiwala strives to serve the customers delicious food prepared with fresh ingredients under hygienic conditions. The traditional khichadi, which is familiar to and relished by every household in India, has been given a touch of local and global flavours through their chef’s specials: the “Saoji” and the “Italian”.



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Reacho is a new age media statup from Nagpur. It focusses on providing engaging content (local and global), targeting the Indian youth. The local content includes interesting stories about the city, events, local food specialities, places etc. Global content section (called Discover) delivers choicest youth focussed news from entertainment, food, travel and lifestyle verticals.



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Pavan Mangoli is the fonder of Pavan’s Dance 2 Fitness academy in Nagpur. He is one of the top six licensed Zumba instructors of Nagpur. He believes that proper exercise & being fit is the main mantra to enjoy every second of our lives.


Social Change

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Maitreyi is the founder of the Dr Shrikant Jichkar Foundation, a non-profit that works in various sectors like healthcare, education, sustainable employment, and environmental awareness. The Foundation has a 400-member strong youth volunteer network called ‘Zero Gravity'.

Nagpur’s Indian Youth Conclave:

Date: 14 August

Place: Chitnavis Centre

Timing: 10 AM - 8 PM

For tickets contact Zeeshan :

Phone: +91 9923156536

Email ID:

More details about such events can be found at The Climber, a startup which ‘helps students find passion and pursue it’.

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