Zika Virus Found To Remain For Much Longer In The Body

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This year's Olympics were rocked by the report that the Zika virus was stil prevelant in Brazil. Some of the athletes, like world number one golfer Jason Day. Not many followed the queue, however, as the authorities assured that there was no danger at this time.

Now. a new report by Doctors at the Spallanzani Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome suggests that the virus seems to be living longer than expected as they detected virus in a man's sperm 180 days after he was infected, thus suggesting that it could still be present in many such cases.

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Source: Dailymail

Zika virus wrecked havoc in Africa and South America by infecting many and causing a number of defected births. The spread was effectively halted later in 2015. The authors of this report have advised those infected to stay away from any sexual activity for six months to avoid spread. Given Brazil, patchy record when it comes to disease control and loose healthcare system, lets just hope that this doesn't lead to another spread.

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