You NEED To Watch This Video ‘Closer’ By The Chainsmokers Featuring Govinda In A Typical Indian Fashion

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The Chainsmokers, an American DJ, who hit the top charts with their single #Selfie in 2014, lately released ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey which became number one single on the Billboard Top 100 and The UK Singles Chart.

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Source: Justjared

While we all have been tapping our toes to the rhythm of this song and singing it all day long, stuck with the same melody; some people are out there making it simply more awesome for us.

This facebook page called 'The Desi Stuff' uploaded a video of this famed song that hasn’t left our tongue since the day it released, and made it a hysterically realistic Govinda dance to every tune and beats to the song along with Raveena Tandon. So without much ado, lo and behold:

A similar video with a song Panda of Desiigner featuring Govinda is made and it doesn’t fail either:

They also have shared the Hindi Version of Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ AKA ‘Sasti Masti’, literally translating every word of the English lyrics to Hindi, you can watch it here:

When all this wasn’t enough, this Facebook has also shared our beloved PM Modi singing ‘Jeene ke hai chaar din’ and this is how hilarious it gets:

And lately, with all the rumors of expensive Coldplay tickets, they didn’t take a backseat and this is what they created:

Titlte image:

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