Yoga Se Hi Hoga? Man Live Tweets A Woman’s Yoga Session, On A Flight!

Yoga Se Hi Hoga, Yoga, Women Yoga, Raad Mobrem, New Mexico, Los Angeles

We all have travelled on an airplane at some point of our lives. And it is a universal truth that flights, for most of us mortals, are not very comfortable. The seats are cramped, sometimes the hard-working stewards and stewardesses get cranky, food is generally bad, and the co-passengers can be troublesome too. Truly, the only reason one takes a flight is the convenience that it offers.

But sometimes a journey, short as it may be, can lead to unexpected revelations about our fellow travellers. As Raad Mobrem found out, co-passengers can be a bit, quirky.

He was on a flight with his friend from Los Angeles to New Mexico that was just 3-hours long and to their amazement, a passenger sitting beside them across the aisle suddenly started practising Yoga. They found this woman’s mile-high yoga practice absolutely hilarious and amusing (and needless to say, pretty impressive).

He naturally took to Twitter to express this delightful albeit strange discovery and it spread like wildfire.

What’s funnier is the fact that the passenger sitting right next to the woman is sound asleep and much to the credit of the Yoga practitioner, doesn’t wake up once. Check out the amusing tweets below:





Title image: YouTube

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