World’s First Self Driven Truck By Otto Completes Its First Delivery Of Budweiser Successfully!

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The all-pervasive nature of technology is slowly but steadily becoming a part of our daily conversations, much like the technology itself. From the Artificially Intelligent (AI) operating systems for computers, to smart-homes, it seems like the AI-fuelled way of life is the new normal.

Perhaps then it doesn’t come as a surprise that truck company Otto, in association with the world-famous beer manufacture Budweiser, decided to test one of its “smart-trucks” to navigate a shipment of the latter’s product.

On October 20, the smart-truck drove itself on a 193 km journey, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, USA.

The most surprising part was that the driver was present in the truck but did not drive it for one minute.

As the video below explains, the driver is still needed at the beginning and at the end of the trip for the sake of the cargo that’s being delivered, the journey itself does not require him to navigate the truck by himself.

This is certainly a huge step forward as far as technological advancements go and maybe the first one to a safer driving experience for mankind.

Check out the video below:

Title Image Courtesy: TWP

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