Winter Has Come, So Game Of Thrones Fans Will Have To Wait Longer For Season 7

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With the exception of Season 3 which was released on the last day of March 2013, all seasons of HBO series Game Of Thrones have been released in April every year. Season 7 however, will take longer to hit screens, say producers and writers David Benioff and DB Weiss.

Appearing on the seventh episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast hosted by Jim Norton and Matt Serra, the duo explained that at the end of season 6, the despatch of white ravens from the Oldtown Citadel meant that the long winter was finally upon Westeros. With all characters converging in the Seven Kingdoms, the setting for all arcs would have to be greyer, darker, colder.

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To achieve that bleak atmosphere, the showmakers will have to hunt for locations where the climatic conditions effectively reflect the onset of the Long Night. Which means no sunny Morocco, and less of the Mediterranean, which have been two prime locations up until now. Thus the production will take up longer than usual.

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So while there isn't a fixed air date, the wait will be longer, but also worth it, we are certain.

The series, after all, has never failed to overwhelm its followers, has it?

Listen to the entire podcast here (D&D appear somewhere after the 26th minute), or listen to this short version that this Godsent YouTube user ‘iEntertainU tv’ uploaded for the fans’ benefit.

Oh, and they also tell what Gendry is up to! Listen to it and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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