Why You Should Drop Everything And Watch These Bo Burnham Vines!

Bo Burnham, Vines, Bo Burnham Vines

Bo Burnham is one of the rare funny-men working today that can boast of both creative content as well as impeccable timing. He began by making YouTube mocking music videos about a variety of topics that resonated across age-groups but were always particularly uncomfortable, like homosexuality, physical disability, white supremacy, among others. Slowly, his audience grew as well as his confidence. In no time he became a successful stand-up comic who took on topics all and sundry and weaved his magical words to produce humor from even the driest of issues.

But he is also known for his extremely trippy and hilarious Vines and so on his birthday, we have compiled a list of some of his best work on the website. Check them out!

1. Fire Extinguisher


2. World on Fire

3. Hugh Jackman’s Bath Time

4. How Taken Should Have Ended

5. How Spider Man Should Have Ended

6. Working on Beats/Beets

7. Life Advice

8. Because I Love You, Rihanna

9. Angry Leo

10. Because Adele

A very Happy Birthday, Bo!

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