What Haircut To Go With According To Your Face

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Every second girl is not sure and cribs about the haircut after cutting her hair. Diamonds are girl's best friends but hair are their weakness. But not anymore once you read this. So let’s find out which haircut goes with your face!


1. Round faces

Source: hairstyles123

Do's: A hairstyle that adds more length to the face. Make sure the length is longer than chin length. Basically a hairstyle that adds to the crown area. Try wispy edges or tapered lengths.

Dont's: Short bobs are not for you. Blunt cuts and a straight fringe and tight ponytail with your hair slicked back is just not ideal.

2. Square faces

Source: Hdfinewallpapers

Do's: Long hairstyles that soften the face and blunt cuts that are just below the shoulder length. Side parting will suit you and have layers that start at the jawline.

Dont's: Always avoid short haircuts they will make you face look more squarer.

3. Heart faces

Source: Hairstyles123

Do's: A heart face looks good with a soft, curly or wavy style that frames the face. Also you can have choppy layers to add length and more dimensions. Long bangs could also look great.

Dont's: Styles that widen the top of the head and make your chin look more thinner are not at all suitable for you.

4. Oval faces

Source: Hairstyles123

Do's: Anything and Everything will suit you!

Dont's: Make sure You try everything!

5. Diamond faces

Source: Hairstyles123

Do's: A blunt, shoulder length cut or wispy bangs for long hair. For wavy medium to chin length hair and shoulder length hair try having face framing layers and to soften the face try bangs.

Dont's: Avoid excessive layers and too much volume. Short cuts will not suit your face as it adds up to the fullness of the upper part of the face.

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