We Busted 9 Food Myths That Everyone Thought Were True

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Red wine is bad, eggs are bad for your heart and so on. Food myths are something that has puzzled a lot of us. We believe in them, because we heard it from somebody else and that someone is a dependable source for an example: our mother. They may have got it wrong and you have been fed the same. It is time to bust some of the craziest food myth that is false.

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Following are the food myths that you thought to be true.

1. Low-fat food is healthier

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Nah uh! A myth that has fooled a lot of us, but no more. Low-fat food only sounds healthy, but it really isn’t. It maybe saving you from fat but it is introducing your body with high level of sugar, salt and preservatives. which enables them to taste good but sacrifices it being healthy. Besides, our whole body needs fat, from bone joints to brain. If you wish to stay healthy, keep away from low-fat food products.

2. Salt accelerates boiling water

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Source: youthconnect

It is a total myth that you should stop believing. Adding salt to water does not enable it to reach boiling point faster. In fact, the salt will cause it to take a lot longer than usual. So no adding salt to water, just let boil on its own.

3. Weight gain due to calories consumption at night

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A myth that is equally stupid as it sounds. Calories are calories, they will do what they have always done, regardless of what time of the day it is. Studies suggest that eating calories at late at night or in the evening will not have different effects on your body. Time does not manipulate its result. What matters is the intake of amount of calories. The more calories you consume the more your body will swell.

4. Boiling Water for Pasta

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Are you still using boiling water as a means to make pasta? Well, time to burst your bubble, pasta do not necessarily require boiling temperatures for cooking. You can cook it by just using the cold water and setting to max temperatures. It will give you similar results as it did with the boiling hot water. Remember maggie and pasta are not the same.

5. Microwaving degrades food’s nutrient

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Source: health.harvard

The one myth that is keeping you from purchasing this amazing piece of modern technology: microwave radiation degrades the quality of food products. Time to toss that myth out of the window because microwaves are good for you. Food retains all its nutrients as long as you are using microwave-friendly utensils and not exposing it for an excessive amount of heat or duration.

6. Mint+Soda = Explosion

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A one-of-a-kind popular myth that was made famous by Hollywood. In way too many movies they had us all believe that these two will absolutely wreck you, if consumed simultaneously. Well, reality is something entirely different. Worst case scenario? Mint and soda will make you burp! Nothing more!

7. Eggs can harm your heart

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Source:  startoffhomesteading

Eggs do contain cholesterol and we do know what cholesterol can do to you. It does not necessarily mean that eggs are harmful. Eggs are full of essential nutrients that keep your health at its optimal best. Their consumption does not cause any harm and everybody should make them a part of their staple diet. Whoever is responsible for making up this myth must have been a vegetarian.

8. Red Wine is a harmful drink

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Yes! You read that right. Good news for people who suffer from coronary heart disease and love wines. This one drink is good for your heart. The French drink it all the time and consume a lot of fatty food, yet the occurrence of heart disease among them is very low. Scientific study has proven red wine to be good for people with heart problems.

9. Greasy food causes acne

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If greasy food is your thing but avoid it in fear of acne, then this busted myth is going to make you smile. Research suggests that greasy food, chocolate or poor hygiene does not give rise to acne.  Diet candy can help in the formation of acne but everything else is just a myth. Studies suggest that bacteria is the root cause of acne. So munch on and eat all the grease you like. It may cause other ailments, but definitely not acne!

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How many myths were you unaware of? Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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