Watch Manoj Bajpyee And Radhika Apte In Short Suspense Thriller Film Kriti

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Kriti, a featured short film written by Shirish Kunder stars Manoj Bajpayee as Sapan and Radhika Apte as the psychiatrist. Sapan is in love with Kriti, who is a writer by profession just like Sapan. She also suffers from agoraphobia.  Kriti does not go out, she does not like to meet people either.

He shares it with the only person who truly understands him better than he ever could - his psychiatrist and childhood best friend Radhika.  

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title image Source: indianexpress

Kriti is a short film that will take you down on a trip into the mind of schizophrenic Sapan whose imagination led to the creation of a fictional person, Rachana. The looming question that remains is, is Kriti real? Or is she just another figment of his imagination like Rachana?

The answers are in the short film below.

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