Twitter Goes NUTS After PM Modi Appears On Arnab Goswami’s Show

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Prime Minister Modi visited the studio of Times Now in his first interview to a private media company. PM Modi had a tête-à-tête with Arnab Goswami on his show “Frankly Speaking with Arnab”

As it was a big news to the junta, after his show, #PMSpeaksToArnab was the top trending topic on social media. Let’s check out how people reacted after watching a long 85 minute-talk between Arnab and PM Modi.

This is hilarious!

It’s the first time Arnab has agreed to a statement!

Was that scripted?

Where there is Modi, can Kejri be far away?

Interview or date?


Do let us know your reactions in the comments after watching the interview here!

Title Image: The viral feed

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