Travel Through Time With These Spectacular Olympics Opening Ceremonies Through The Years

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The Olympic Games are a matter of pride for every nation which hosts them. Since 1896, the modern Olympics have been bringing the world together for some (usually) healthy competition and goodwill every four years, also providing the host countries with the opportunity to outdo themselves in putting up a stunning show.

Over the years, the Opening Ceremony, with the Parade of Nations and the igniting of the Olympic Flame as well as the exposition staged by the host city has continued to stun spectators, surpassing previous ceremonies in its grandeur and pomp. A mega event in itself, this ceremony often showcases defining moments and elements of the city’s culture and history.

The Panathinaiko stadium in Athens was the venue for the first Olympics opening ceremony in 1896.

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London hosted the Olympics in 1908, and formidable lady athletes, unhindered by their Victorian attire, stole the show:

The opening ceremony at Rio was sublime, with an independent team representing refugees- who are competing under the Olympic Flag- marching into the Maracana stadium to resounding applause:

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This goosebump-inducing video highlights moments from some of the most iconic Ceremonies since London 1908, to London 2012:

Overwhelmed, already?

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