Traumatic Picture Of A Syrian Boy Who Survived An Airstrike

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Our generation doesn’t really understand what war means. We have read about it and see it visualised in movies. But the reality is much more harsh, as you can see in the pic below.

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Source: Mashable

Recently in Aleppo (Syria), a building was brought down by an air attack. Five-year old Omran Daqneesh survived and was pulled out from the rubble by the people. With no whereabouts of his parents or relatives, covered in blood, he just sat there in the ambulance, looking down on the floor.

This traumatising picture shows how deep the wounds can be on one’s psyche. There are many Omrans throughout Syria, living a scarred life. Is this the other side of religion? A side advocating war? Many such questions are being raised and rightly so, for the time has now come for them to be answered.

Title image: Cnn

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