Trailer Alert: Arrival, A Never-Seen-Before Take On Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion, Denis Villeneuve, Sicario

In sci-fi movies, alien invasions on Earth have invariably been hostile- with the extraterrestrials wanting to destroy our planet or infest it to make it their own. But no matter what the storyline, the stories surrounding aliens and annihilation have always piqued the interests amongst the audiences and these movies have done exceptionally well, especially movies like Independence Day and The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Alien Invasion, Denis Villeneuve, SicarioSource: vegassports

So this time, eccentric director Denis Villeneuve who last directed the much-acclaimed Sicario is ready with his adaptation of Ted Chiang’s “Story Of Your Life”, and the trailer looks pretty scary and intense.

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner will play the mediators as military and science find a midway to deal with these uninvited guests and decide whether they are a threat or not!

Alien Invasion, Denis Villeneuve, SicarioSource: blastr

The video released by the makers at Paramount shows Amy Adams aka Dr. Banks getting her first look inside one of the weird alien monoliths that have appeared. The movie loosely explains the relation that may be fostered between the alien species and humans by way of language. It is a refreshing take on extra-terrestrials and the protagonists will be seen communicating with the neighbours from outside.  

There will be less action and more drama in this sci-fi but it looks really promising!

Watch the interesting trailer here!

Title image: youtube

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