This Short Film On Child Sexual Abuse Will Shake You. And It Should!

Child Sexual Abuse, India, Atrocity, Children, Short Film

Child sexual abuse is an epidemic in India. Estimates state that over 53% children in India have suffered the horror of the same. But what’s worse is that cases of this atrocity rarely come to the surface because more than 50% of the children are abused by someone they trust. Over 70% are afraid to report it.

What is still a cause of shame is the fact that parents often neglect the signs that their children point to if they’ve been victims of such a dastardly act. They wish to believe that no such harm could befell their own children and pay no heed to the fact that regrettably, no one, not even our children are safe. The monsters that commit such acts linger often in the shadows close to the children in the form of relatives, family-friends et al.

A short film titled, “5 o’ clock Accidents” explores the damage that repeated abuse, wrought upon him by his tuition teacher, does to a child’s psyche which is exacerbated by the fact that the social construct doesn’t allow him to express himself freely. He expresses himself using miniature models, which have been cleverly incorporated in the storyline.

Needless to say, this is one to be watched and disseminated as much as possible.

Title image: YKA

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