This Is Why Letters Are Disappearing From Signs Around The World!

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Curiouser and Curiouser!

In a strange turn of events, the letters A, B and O are disappearing from signs and names across the world. Experts have not been able to identify the cause for the same and it is believed that this is just the start.

Worried? Don’t be. It is an innovative PR exercise by NHS Blood and Transplant, UK by the name of the “#MissingType campaign”, , in which the three letters that signify blood types are disappearing from familiar landmarks and brands.

Blood shortage is one of the paramount challenges that health professionals face on a daily basis and considering that, NHS has asked globally recognizable brands and organizations to remove the three letters from their billboards and names, even their online presence, to spread awareness about the challenge. Not just the brands, but even common people are obliging and how!

It is heartening to see such a unique use of social media.

Title image: Twitter

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